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i was with zane, heath, scott, todd and kristen at the house, and they were talking about scott's gift for todd: a range rover. kristen was sitting by my side and we were chatting about my photo shoot. "this big modeling agency reached to me and wanted to take some pics" i said, smiling.

"so you're making a contract with them or?" kristen asked.

"yeah, maybe" she cheered.

"oh my god, that's so cool! congratulations!" she hugged me.

"thanks, kristen" i laughed.

"tell me more about those photos" and i did. i told her every step of the shooting and when she was gonna say something to me, the door opened. david, alex ernst and dom zeglaitis entered the house.

i haven't met dom and alex until now. dom was the first to see me, with a big smile appearing in his face. "ruggiero!" he exclaimed getting closer to me. i got up to hug him. "damn, you look way hotter than five years ago"

"thanks?" i frowned my brow.

"so... are you seeing anyone?" he asked after hugging me.

"okay dom, don't freak the girl out" alex said and i laughed.

"c'mon, she's hot, what can i do?" he sat down by his side.

"respect her?" david said. "stop hitting on her, man" he rolled his eyes.

"what dave? are you jealous?" dom smirked.

"guys, i'm right here" i waved at them. "and, surprisingly, i'm not a piece of meat, thank you" i went back to my seat, making the guys laugh. 

david shot a glare at dom and sat in the empty spot by my side. great. i continued my conversation with kristen, trying to ignore the boy beside me.

david left me here alone the other day and now he's jealous of dom? i don't understand him. if i only had the courage to ask him about his feelings. i sighed and nodded, not paying attention to kristen. "are you okay?" she asked suddenly.

"yeah, why?" i frowned my brow.

"you're not here" she laughed. "what happened?" i looked over at david.

"can we talk about this later?" and she understood my message, nodding in response. kristen is liza's best friend, but she's not going to say anything, i hope. "excuse me" i mumbled getting up to go to the kitchen.

i opened the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water. when i turned on my heels i saw david. "hey" he smiled.

"hi" i tried to walk past by him, but he grabbed my wrist. "what?"

"why are you mad at me?" he frowned his brow.

"i'm not mad, i'm just annoyed by the fact that you left me the other day by myself in todd's bed when i was sad" i crossed my arms.

david sighed and ran one hand through his messy hair. he hesitated for a few seconds before mumbling "i'm scared"

"about what?"

"about what i'm feeling" he said making me confused.

"what do you mean?" i said.

"it's just... i don't know how to say this, fuck" david stopped to think for a moment. "i kinda wish something could happen between us, romantic styles" he gripped my hand.

i laughed, with my heart beating really fast. "you just quoted jake peralta?" david nodded with a smile on his face. "well, i'm no amy santiago to wait 2 seasons, so i want you to know that i kinda wish that too" i said feeling my cheeks burn.

"but i want to go slow, you know?" i nodded. "no one on the internet knows about the breakup, so i have to wait" he sighed again. "but i really like you"

"i understand david, i will wait" i mumbled, smiling. he put his hands on my waist and hugged me.

we stayed like that for a couple more minutes before we returned to the living room. zane shot me a glare and i smiled, grabbing my phone to text matt and zane on our group chat.

phe😋: david just told me about
his feelings

zane🍑: REALLY?????
what did he say?????

phe😋: he quoted jake peralta from b99
saying that he "kinda wish something could happen between us romantic styles"
i'm still shaking omg

matt👑: holy shit
i screamed

zane🍑: wig: snatched

matt👑: i'm so happy for you phe

zane🍑: me too baby!!!

phe😋: this is mind blowing
my crush from 5 years ago
like bITCH

zane🍑: i feel it

matt👑: did you guys kiss? or something


phe😋: no
he wants to go slow bc of the
break up and stuff
and it's fine, i understand him
and i will wait until he's ready

zane🍑: i love one mature queen

i laughed and locked my phone to pay attention to the conversation.

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