A Murder (EDITED)

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I gasped, it wasn't possible, what I saw, James wouldn't kill Uncle Charlie, he couldn't.

Perhaps, rather than talking gibberish, I should explain what I'm talking about. I was dreaming, wandering around aimlessly in the dark, when I came to a house. It was Uncle Charlie's, I knew my way around that house as precisely as my own, but something told me that I needed to go upstairs, so, I started climbing the stairs, I entered the main bedroom, James was talking to Charlie, but he was stuttering, he never did that, not even when he was nervous or upset. Then, there was a yell and a flash of green light, Uncle Charlie fell to the floor, dead. James turned away and what appeared to be Voldemort appeared, I gasped, but no one noticed me. They whispered and James nodded, he turned and muttered something. A brilliant light shot from his chest, and I woke up.

It was a lie, that couldn't be true, James loved Uncle C. Just loved him. There was no way he'd be capable of killing his favourite relative.


As I reappeared in my bed, I smiled, it was horrible, what I had done, but it gave me joy. I was so pleased, I was like him, You-Know-Who. I couldn't be killed by a simple curse now, they'd have to find the locket, and nobody knew what it meant to me, nobody would suspect the locket to be a Horcrux.

Athena. I had to convince her to come with me. I would sneak into the common room, I knew all the passwords in the school, thanks to the Dark Lord. Hopefully, I would convince her to come with me, to stop trusting Lily, to love me.

Sneaking out of the common room, I was thankful that the Fat Lady was asleep. Snoring away, she didn't even become the tiniest bit restless as I opened the door.

I followed the familiar passageway, up three flights of stairs, turn left, down two flights, turn right and up another three flights of stairs. You see, Hogwarts was confusing, the stairs change, and though you feel like you're going nowhere, you'll usually end up at the other end of the castle without even realising.

Finding the Gargoyle that guarded the Ravenclaw tower was easy, giving me a riddle, it began:

"I'm a monster of great height, I don't speak or make a noise, I'm a terror to the eye, yet, I don't move. What am I?"

I laughed, that one was a cinch, "A mountain."

Nodding, the gargoyle leapt aside, giving me passage to the Ravenclaw common room.

I headed toward the girl's dorm when I heard a noise, whispers. I wasn't alone in the common room. Turning, I saw Lily and Athena sitting together, they hadn't noticed me. Lily was sobbing, tears pouring down her face, saying,"He killed him, he killed him." Over and over again she spoke, never wiping one of her tears away. Athena sat beside her, with a shocked look on her face, she held one of Lily's hands, the other, caressing her shocking red hair.

I gasped, turning, Lily saw me. Scowling, she launched herself at me, screaming, then, everything went black.

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