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I don't really like the "casting of characters" that happens a lot with stories on Wattpad, so I'm not going to cast any of the characters (unless there's a lot of readers that really want it).

I just really like the idea of imagining what the characters look like in your own head, so you can really get attached to your image of the character. Because I'm sure my image of the characters will be a lot different than your image of the characters.

(But like I said, if some really want it then I'll do it.)

Instead, I'm just going to pick pictures that are cute and maybe have some relevance to that chapter. Or, if anybody wants to make any covers then I'll use those too.

Anyways, enjoy! :)


When Logan first moved here in fourth grade, I was a runt. I was smaller than everybody in my class, more sensitive than everybody in my class. For some reason, people never wanted to talk to me. It wasn't technically bullying---they just left me to be alone. So alone I was for those first five years (including Kindergarten).

On the day Logan showed up, the teacher had pre-assigned me to the task of showing him around. He was a cute little guy, even back then. Completely caught me off guard. I was more nervous than usual when I was showing him around. He would ask me a question and I would either squeak or stutter. I was mortified.

So imagine my surprise when lunch rolled around, and I was joined at my empty little lunch table by none other than Logan. I remember sitting there awkwardly, wondering if I should just keep eating my ham and cheese sandwich or if I should say something and actually try to make a friend.

Logan, who was charismatic and friendly even back then, made the decision for me. "I'll trade you my granola bar for your fruit roll up."

He'd been eyeing my fruit roll up for a while then. I remember silently handing it to him, and he'd had a wide smile on his face as he gave me the granola bar.

After an almost silent lunch, it was about over. I finished my ham and cheese sandwich and unwrapped his granola bar before taking a bite. As I swallowed, I immediately knew something was wrong. My tongue swelled first, then my throat. I remember breaking out in hives and itching them, while dryness took over in my mouth, as if a cotton ball was in there, sucking up all of the saliva. I tried to breathe, but it wouldn't work. My ears were hot, and my heartbeat was beating rapidly in them. It was near impossible to breathe. Tears entered my eyes and flowed down my face as I tried. I don't remember Logan screaming for the teacher.

I was taken to the hospital for the first time ever that day. Found out I was allergic to peanuts and all other nuts. I also found out that my dad was allergic to them too, which is why I'd never had them before then. I was prescribed an epipen, and was allowed to go back to school in two days. So that's what I did.

When I returned, nothing was the same. People talked to me, asking if I was alright or not. Some people asked how it felt to be in the hospital, and I of course answered.

All of it was completely new and strange, but the strangest thing of all was that Logan was super protective of me. He wouldn't let any of the other kids near me when he was around. It was actually kind of sweet. I figured he must have been feeling bad about almost killing me. For the whole day, he 'protected' me, but we didn't talk a whole lot. We just sort of had a mutual understanding between us.

After about the first week, he was still protective of me, and I started getting less shy and more talkative. I found out he was really funny and nice. We became friends, and it's lasted all the way until now.

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