Cafe' Maid Tom X Rich Tord

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Café maid Tom X Rich Tord

Warnings: Cuteness.

Requested: Foodisgoodmyduds

So this was requested with the Omegaverse au and Future and I don't have ideas, since school starts tomorrow so here!


Tord Larsen, the richest man of the whole wide world. He's even richer than queen of England! The 24 year old man, was always bombarded by questions and he never really minded them.

One day, when he woke up, he wanted his coffee ,but he didn't feel like getting bombarded with questions. He could have just asked one of his maids, to go to his favourite café and buy a take-out, but he didn't do that. Instead he walked around the city of England, with a giant hat to cover his face, as he tried to find a quiet café.

He finally found one in a space where it was never really bustling with people. The place the café was, was quiet as only a few people were there. The people did notice that the richest man of the world was there, but they didn't bother him.

The man walked into the café to see only a few people there. Just a teenager and her mum, a couple and an old couple. There was also a child running around ,but the child seemed to be nobody's child as no one told him to stop and sit down.

Tord walked to the register and there was a male ginger wearing a dress. The ginger greeted Tord a bit informally as he said, "Sup! Welcome to BoyLove Café, what can I get ya'?" Tord felt a little weird ,by seeing a male in a maid suit but shrugged it off and replied with, "I just want an Espresso and a donut on the side." The ginger nodded and called to the back, "Hey Tim! Prepare an Espresso and a donut and serve it too....What table number are you?" When Tord was going to reply, a quiet shout said, "MATT! IT'S TOM NOT TIM!"

"Sorry Tim!"

Tord finally responded and went to take a seat on the table he had chosen. After a few minutes, a brunette, who was also wearing a maid outfit, served Tord his food and asked, "Did you pay?"

Tord shook his head as he pulled his wallet out only to get snatched by the little child, that was running around. The child cried happily as he continued to run around with Tord's wallet in his hands, "Money! Money! Money! So much Diet Coke to buy with Money!" The brunette's eyes went white, as Tord noticed that the brunette's eyes were actually pitch black.

"Eduardo! Give the sir his wallet back!" the black-eyed man said as he took the wallet from the little boy's hands and gave the item back to Tord. "I'm sorry about the little boy." Tord nodded as he took the wallet back and asked, "Whose son is he?"

The brunette giggled a bit and replied, "Oh he's nobody's son, he's the boss' cousin. Anyways the bill is £1.20."Tord nodded his head, ONCE AGAIN, and paid the man while thinking, 'This is cheap.' As soon as the man wearing the maid outfit was going to leave, Tord stopped him and asked him, "What's your name?"

The brunette responded, "Tom, My name is Tom. What about you?" Tord replied, saying his name and Tom smiled, leaving. However, Tord noticed a napkin close to him and he opened it. Written there was, 'I have to continue work, But I hope that we can become friends ~Tom.'

Tord chuckled and looked at Tom who was talking to the ginger at the register. After drinking and eating, Tord got up and left, but that wasn't the last time he went in that café.

*Time skip*

It had been 3 weeks since Tord went to that café, and he went there everyday. He enjoyed the silence ,but mostly enjoyed talking a bit with Tom and Matt.

Tord was walking to the café again when he was stopped by sl*tty looking girl as she said, "Hey hottie, wanna come and have fun, rich boy?~" Tord, who was utterly disgusted, shoved the girl away and continued walking.

He arrived and walked in, but instead of seeing the ginger at the register, it was another brunette man that Tord had never seen before. Tord felt a bit miserable as he couldn't talk to his friends. He ordered and sat down at the usual table, however he was utterly happy when Tom served him. Tord asked Tom, "Who's that guy at the register and where is Matt?" Tom replied, "Oh that's our boss who is also a good friend of Matt and I. Matt is helping in the back, since yesterday I almost burnt the whole kitchen down."

Tord chuckled as Tom smiled and left. The boss of the store, who was also wearing a maid outfit, walked to Tord and asked, "So you're a new customer?" He shook his head and replied, "No, I've been coming to this store for three weeks now!"

The boss widen his eyes as he grumbled to himself, "Why didn't they tell me that we got a new customer." After a while of sitting in awkward silence, the boss introduced himself, "Well, Let me introduce myself. My name is Edd, the boss of this café." Tord nodded and introduced himself.

After talking for a while, Edd said, "Are you gay and single?" Tord's eyes widen, as he was offended a bit, but he calmed down and replied, "I'm bi, and yes I'm more single than a pringle." Edd chuckled at the rhyme and whispered, "Well to tell you the truth, I saw you talking to Tom earlier, and let's just say that I ship you two." Edd made a lenny face and walked away, skipping to the back room.

Tord blushed and looked down at his lap as he mumbled, "I do find Tom cute..." Tom was close to Tord, and had heard him say that. Tom blushed as he walked to the register, to talk with Edd, as Edd went back to the register.

Tord eyed Tom, who was blushing red as he saw Tom and Edd talk. Suddenly, Edd gave Tom the lenny face as he pushed him slightly. Tom sighed and walked towards Tord and he muttered slowly, "T-Tord, C-Can you g-g-g-go-..." Tom ran, the poor maid clearly embarrassed.

Tord followed Tom, who went outside the café and when he found Tom he replied, "Yes I will Tom." Tom's eyes widen as he looked at Tord. Walking up to Tom, Tord leaned down and pecked Tom's lips. Tom's face went the two then started making out together. Edd and Matt, who were in the back room, watched the scene unfold, as the back room had a window, so they could see everything.

The two boys, wearing maid outfits, screamed happily, "I SHIP IT!" and they hugged, jumping up and down.

Who knew that the richest person on Earth, would fall in love with a cafe' maid? 


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