Chp 12:

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Nick took me home after the banquet, it had been an extremely eventful night.

I was still surprised about the dispute he and his father had gotten into.

We sat in the busy Friday evening traffic, I looked to my left at him as he kept his hands clutched firmly around the steering wheel.

I had asked him not long after we left if he was okay, he told me yes but he didn't seem okay.

He kept his eyes locked on the road as we slowly moved through the busy New York City traffic.

I pulled out my phone from my clutch and turned it on, two texts from Kirsten

'Hey call me when you can!'

'Why do I even bother texting you, it's not like you awnser your phone. Whatever just call me when you can.'

I scrolled through my most recent calls and put my phone to my ear, the phone rang and rang as I got Kirsten's voicemail

"Hey! You've reached my cell, sorry I can't come to the phone now but leave your name an I'll get back to you as soon as I can." I groaned, typical.

"What's wrong?" asked Nick as he turned to look at me, it was the first time since we had gotten in the car that he had spoken or taken his eyes off the road.

I sighed, "My sister, she texted me while I was at the banquet she is telling me to call her but she isn't picking up. I'm getting worried." I said looking at him, concern on my face.

"We're five minutes away, if you want I can come in with you."

"Will you?" He gave me a slight grin, "Of course."

A few moments later we parked outside of my building and ran inside and towards the elevator.

"God, my feet are killing me." I said as I leaned up against the elevator wall.

I watched as Nick crouched to the ground and grabbed my ankle, he undid my shoes and held them in his hand.

I sighed in relief my feet felt much better as the heels had made my feet feel as if they were suffocating.

"Thank you." I said resting my head against the wall he smirked and nodded. After a few more seconds we finally reached my floor.

Both of us hurried down the hall, I pulled out my key to unlock the door.

"Kirsten!" I yelled as I threw the door open and hurried in.

I stopped in my tracks when I saw Kirsten sitting at my kitchen table, two women were sitting next and across from her, one had long dark brown hair and the other dirty blonde, shoulder length hair.

"Mom? Aunt Jen?" I said in utter shock, they both stood up in a hurry to give me big welcoming hugs.

As my mom pulled away I saw her eyes fix on something behind me.

Someone, actually.


"Oh, hello?" she said walking passed me.

"Hello, you must be Mrs. Erickson." said Nick clearing his throat and shaking her hand.

She nodded "You, would be correct."

"Honey please, introduce us to your friend."

"Yeah Tess, introduce us to your "friend" " said Kirsten as she raised her hands and motioned air quotes at the word friend.

I glared at her before looking back at my aunt and mom, still shocked they were here.

"Oh, right. I'm sorry, uh mom, aunt Jen this is Nick Piercy." I said touching his arm real quick and then removing it.

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