Ryouko's POV

"I think your brother saw a Familiar Darkness"-Me

"I think so too"-Reiko

"What is Familiar Darkness?"-Akihiro

"You heard it?"-Me

"That's why his asking"-Yukiteru

*Glaire*-Me then I hit Yukiteru with a pan over and over again

"The Familiar Darkness are the one who wanted to destroy and rule the world"-Okumura

"So they are bad"-Akihiro

"We can say that"-Reiko

"And I thought that only mage can see the Familiar Darkness"-Me

"I thought that too"-Yukiteru

"Couldn't be that you are a mage?"-Reiko

"If you are a mage what power do you have?"-Me

"I dont' know If I'm a mage"-Akihiro

"We will help you"-Yukiteru

"For what?"-Akihiro

"To know If you are a mage"-Yukiteru


"But before that Let's kill the Familiar Darkness"-Reiko

"Guys,Where's Ryouko?"-Okumura

"I'm here now guys"-Me

"Where have you been?"-Reiko

"I terminated the Familiar Darkness while you all are talking from each other"-Me

"That was fast"-Yukiteru

"I know"-Me

"Ok,Let's start Akihiro's practice tomorrow it's getting late"-Okumura


Then they all go home...........

Reiko's POV


*Is my brother really a mage?If he is a mage what power he have?I will now it tomorrow then*-Me

"Is something bothering you?"-Akihiro


"Okay.I will sleep now"-Akihiro

"Good Night"-Me

"Night Night"-Akihiro

After that Akihiro sleep........

*Mom,Dad I wish you where here.....I really miss you all*-Me

"I'm tired.......I will go to bed now"-Me

Then Reiko go to sleep............

And Then 



"Do we really need to be here?"-Me

"Yes.Because this is the only place that  no one can see us"-Ryouko


"Let's start"-Yukiteru


"Where's Akihiro?"-Okumura

"I'm here"-Akihiro

"Let's try mind-reading"-Okumura


*I'm cool and I will protect Ryouko*-Okumura

 "You think about coolness and about protecting Ryouko"-Akihiro

"You're Right"-Okumura

"So,You're power is mind-reading"-Me

"That's not finish yet..........Let see what element he had"-Yukiteru


Then they try it but nothing happened.........

"You don't have a elements"-Yukiteru

"I think his a esper"-Ryouko


"Yes........Now Let's try your reflexies"-Ryouko


"First,Hit this apple"-Ryouko

"But it's so far"-Akihiro

"Just do it"-Ryouko

Then Akihiro hit it but it missed...............

"Reiko,Come here"-Ryouko


"Why did you call her?"-Akihiro

"You need to hit this apple on Reiko's head.If you miss you're sister is dead"-Ryouko

"Why me?"-Me



Then Akihiro hit it and bullseye.............

"You did it"-Me

"Yes.I did it"-Akihiro


"Thank you.Sensei"-Akihiro

"Welcome (n_n)"-Ryouko

"Why she is the only one who called sensei"-2 boys

"Just shut up"-Me

"Now it's my turn"-Me


"We will know what weapon you have"-Me


"First,Lift your hand at the right then your weapon will appear"-Me


Then Akihiro try it but nothing happened...........

"Nothing happpend"-Akihiro

"Just concentrate"-Me


After a few minute.............

"Let's do it again"-Me


"Then he try it............The weapon he had is a bow and arrow

"I did it"-Akihiro


"We finish it early so let's have a camping"-Yukiteru


Then they have a camping............

*Now I know my brother is not a mage his an esper*

End of Chapter 15

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