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Hello there!

I'm going to try to do this quick, though everyone knows I'm annoyingly talkative and that my A/N are usually longer than they should.

This book currently updates once a week at best and on the condition that I have managed to write at least three new chapters in the next books.

Upon @JanaWittevrongel 's suggestion, I am about to break my habit of never publishing until a book is completely written. This has always been my motto for two reasons: there are too many unfinished books on Wattpad (which can be pretty annoying!) and I'd never inflict this to readers, so I always wanted to make sure I'd be able to provide a complete book when I start publishing. Second reason is that when I plan a 60 chapter-long book (when it's not more), you can be sure that said plan evolves as I write and when I reach the end, there's a ton of things to amend in the earlier chapters, hence the writing-editing-publishing I always want to stick to.

As you know, Aaron will have three books (listed in my profile's bio) and I wanted to have written the three drafts before I start publishing the first one for the good reason that some elements of the first book depend on how things will unfold in the third one. Aaron's whole story represents something like 200 chapters and here again, ideas flow as I write, so initial plans change along the road with characters' roles and personalities getting better defined with time.

I'm quite safe to say that the first 15 chapters won't change much, though, and being in withdrawal of the publishing thrill, I have decided that I could start publishing, at least a few chapters for the few readers who said they'd love to get little bits of Aaron's story. It might also be a motivation for me to write even faster...

Now beware because there won't be a regular schedule!

I have only written 18 chapters (as of January 8th 2019) in Aaron's second book, reaching the moment Ivan dies. There's a lot left to do afterwards and I'm working on several things at the same time.

One is to continue writing book 2 because I'm eager to have Aaron move to Chicago and start the Black Moon / Black Diamond and well, I need to progress in my writing.

Another is a first editing wave of L.A.: while it's all fresh in my head, I want to go back through all the Los Angeles chapters and amend some stuff I wrote to match what Aaron, Ivan and other important secondary characters have become by the end of the L.A. era.

Also, I recently added another book in my bio that I am starting to work on a bit. The temporary title is A Master Dom's Diary and it's going to be book 9. The current plan is that it's going to be the real book that will bring a closure to the Black Moon series, it'll be in Aaron's POV for some parts (don't ask why because I won't explain, it would give too much of a spoiler regarding his story), but above all, it'll be Ivan's diary, so while I'm going through the L.A. chapters, I'm also taking notes for that diary, and it's super funny to work on his POV after having written everything in Aaron's so far.

And lastly, well, I'll be editing the first chapters of book 1 (hence the re-publishing of the book A Call To Readers) and there's a ton of work to do here too since I need to review everything that was religion-related.

So, I've got quite a lot on my plate, but it's fine because each activity gives me a break from another and the opportunity to pick whatever I want to work on each day.

Now this has been explained, I should let you know that the new description and the character chapter will be up some time next week; the first chapter will be out on January 28th for a special anniversary and the following ones will come without a proper schedule. I will work on editing them when I have time to or when I need a breather from the rest, but don't expect regular updates.

So, this wasn't that quick again, but while I'm at it and before I shut up, I'll also say that I have a new one-shot simmering at the back of my head, one that involves Camden and his colleague Ethan from the osteopathy practice, and that I aim at the end of the month or early February to publish it.

Once again, thanks for your patience!


Published on 8 January 2019

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