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The past two months have been full of changes, not to mention it's getting busier at the bar the closer to Christmas it gets.

Harrys been acting a bit....different the past few days, sometimes I'll just catch him staring at me, like he's trying to solve an algebra problem and there's a few times I've gone to check if there was something on my face or had my shirt on backwards, which was never the case, he's just developed this inquisitive staring habit - the little weirdo.

I mean, even yesterday he came home after being god knows where and as soon as he walked in the door he jumped on me, pulling me into this crushing hug that was like he was scared I had died or something. He's just been, weird.

But he's my little weirdo, and I wouldn't change him, quirks and all.

After weeks of relentless nagging and convincing, I finally talked him into performing one night a week at the bar. We compromised that he would only sing covers of songs, too insecure to ever perform something of his own even though he's forever writing in this beat up notebook.

Tonight's only the second time he's performing, but already I can feel myself getting giddy over all the pride threatening to spill out of my chest at how proud I am of him.

Finn knew some guys that were happy to play instruments on the nights he wanted to sing, and Harry formed a quick friendship with all of them.

I forgot to mention to him those guys were actually part of a drag Kiss cover band on weekends, but I think that would have only made him love them more.

Finn offered to come down and help me at the bar the nights Harry was performing, which had me checking his temperature and asking if he was delusional.

Finn seems to have grown pretty fond of Harry, they've gotten exceptionally close the last couple of weeks and sometimes I feel like I'm the butt of an inside joke I don't know about between them, like they're in this secret boys club sharing secrets with each other.

They don't think I'm onto them, but no matter how innocent they both act those halos of theirs are slipping.

Harry's been disappearing a lot, giving me random excuses from needing to go for a walk - with an obnoxiously large back pack and his guitar, or that he's going to the gym.

Unless he's running on the treadmill and playing his guitar at the same time, I call bullshit on that.

But I'm not pushing it, I trust him, and I trust that if he isn't telling me where he's off to, there's a good reason.

Maybe he's met someone? I'd be lying if I said that hadn't crossed my mind several times.

The times that he's gone gives me a chance to work on his Christmas present, which I'm praying he won't think is stupid. I'm already having doubts over giving it to him, well, one of his presents any way, it's a huge thing for me and I'm not sure how he'll react to it.

But he's special, so he deserves something special.

Dylan has been her usual self, coming and going as she pleases, and she's kept up her act of being overly affectionate with me whenever Harry is around, which is usually always.

It's gotten to the point where I don't even want her touching me now, it only makes me angry or hurt when she uses me for whatever sick gratification she gets out of showing off in front of him, like a spoilt brat showing off their toy.

All of things I use to look past so easily with her are nagging at me more and more, and sometimes I find it hard even being around her or wondering why I even put up with it.

Everything these past few weeks have felt like the happiest I've been since I can remember, I'd almost forgotten what contentment like this felt like, I felt like that seven year old girl again before my mother died.

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