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Taeyong hovered by the open door to the van as he waited for Jaehyun to approach the vehicle

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Taeyong hovered by the open door to the van as he waited for Jaehyun to approach the vehicle. Everyone else was already inside, including Hye.

"Could you hurry up?" The silver haired snaps at the boy who just became an orphan within the time frame of 10 minutes.

"Or what? You'll kill me too?" Jaehyun scowls at his captor as tears silently stream down his face.

Taeyong is taken back by seeing this boy's demeanour. Seeing him cry makes something within the older's chest hurt. He finds his expression softening as he gently placed a hand on the other's shoulder.

"It gets easier. The pain, this time next week you'll be able to talk about it freely. Within a year you'll understand that they are with you always."

Jaehyun stands still for a few moments as he listens to the silver haired. This man speaks as though he were talking from experience.

"What's taking so long?" Taeil's sing-song voice calls from the passenger seat.

"Get in" Taeyong pulls his hand away and nudges the younger with the end of his gun, forcing him to hurry into the car.

Jaehyun instantly moves to sit beside his sister. Hye is in tears as she leans into her brother's warmth. He is the only family she has left.

His arms feel like home.

He smells like home.

Taeyong gets into the van at last, closing the door, he sits on the seat which is on Jaehyun's other side. Johnny and the other male sit in the two seats before them while Taeil is at the front next to the driver.

"Where are we going?" Hye asks, her voice fragile, as though she were afraid of being hurt if she spoke.

"To your new home" Taeil exclaims, his voice way to cheerful considering the situation.

Jaehyun tightens his grip on his younger sister. He trusts Taeil about as far as he can throw him. Even less.

"There are others there" Taeyong speaks up. "Others your age."

"My age? Or Hye's age?" Jaehyun questions. It would be good if Hye could have friends wherever they are going. But no matter what, he will never leave her alone. He has to protect her.

"Both. We currently have 132 residents at the facility. With the addition of you two, there will be 134" Johnny answers the question before Taeyong can open his mouth.

"You'll be hanging out with us a lot" The unnamed man states. "You're 19, the perfect age to be trained as one of us."

"What?" Jaehyun frowns. "I-I don't want to be like you. I don't want to take kids from their families."

"Try telling that to the Sorcerer" Johnny scoffs. "It's not like we get a choice. Do you think we want to be doing this?"

"Oh I do. I think it's quite an enjoyable experience" Taeil turns around in his seat to flash a big grin at everyone.

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