Chapter 5: Meeting with the Saiyans and new forms

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Y/n then arrived at Universe 7, his home. He then arrived at Chichi's house. You then knocked the door 3 times.

Chichi - Gohan, someone is knocking the door.

Gohan - I'll go get it.

When Gohan opened the door he then saw you. He was surprised that he saw you and said,

Y/n - Hello Gohan.

Gohan - Y/n! What are you doing here?

Chichi - Y/n?

Chichi then ran through the door and quickly hugged you as you hugged back.

Chichi - Y/n, you arrived! What brings you here? She said as she let go of you.

Y/n - I came here to see Goku and the others. Tell me, where are they?

Gohan - I think they are in the Lookout. Why?

Y/n - I'm going to train with him.

Chichi - 'Same old Y/n.' She thought happily.

Chichi - By the way, do you want something to eat? I can provide you some food.

In all of a sudden, your stomach growls and that made Chichi laugh a little.

Y/n - Yeah. I'm starving.

You then went inside as Gohan continues what he is doing.

You then went to the dining room and sat on the chair.

Chichi - Say, Y/n. How was your day at Universe DxD? She said while cooking.

Y/n - To tell you the truth, I was neglected and betrayed by my best friend, Issei Hyoudou the pervert and I nearly died at that moment.

This caught Chichi to gasp in shock and she said,

Chichi - What?! That friend of yours betrayed you? And you nearly died that time?! What happened?

Y/n - Well, we were attack by the fallen angels and then this woman appeared in front of us and protected us. After that, she revived the pervert instead of me because the fallen angels said, I am very weak and I don't have any supernatural or magical powers and then they killed me. After a few seconds, I miraculously regained consciousness and eat a senzu bean and vows to myself that I will kill that bastard and his master. You explained.

Unbeknownst to him, Gohan was listening the whole time and he said,

Gohan - Are you serious, Y/n? Why did your best friend neglected and betrayed you?

Y/n - I don't know. All I know is from their perspective, I am very weak and I don't have any magical powers.

Chichi then served the food and she said,

Chichi - Luckily, you brought a senzu bean that Krillin gave you.

Y/n - Yeah who knows what will happen if I died. Anyway, thanks for the food.

You then began to eat up.

After eating, you then decided to go to the Lookout.

Chichi - Well good luck Y/n.

Gohan - Yeah. Get strong and teach them a lesson for betraying you.

Y/n - Don't worry, I will and I'm going them suffer. Goodbye, Chichi and Gohan and thanks.

Chichi - Your welcome.

With that you teleported to the Lookout.

When you arrived, you saw Piccolo, Krillin, Yamcha, Tien, Goku and Vegeta, relaxing.

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