Got tagged more than once

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M'kaaaay~ -_Histoire_- tagged me, thanks for the tag :3

M'kaaaay~ -_Histoire_-  tagged me, thanks for the tag :3

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•Say 10 things about you

1. I'm a Filipino

2. I draw sometimes, but they're only imitations of other original fan-arts of other artists.

3. I'm....I could say the best dancer in my dance club before. (I'm a senior now so I don't have clubs. *school rules*)

4. I can speak three or four languages, two which are more fluent and the rest is just shit.

5. I have a cat named Ming-Ming.

6. My nickname is Dan, which my friends gave me.

7. Female.

8. I get high for no reason and the next second I could be dead of boredom.

9. Uhhhhh I play League of Legends sometimes.

10. Aaaaaaaand I'm not single.


Not gonna really tag 28 people cuz that's just uggghh. Sorry if I tagged you again..

•Tell a joke

Kirishima is definitely not gay for Bakugou.

• Write a spoiler for one of your stories

This is the spoiler for the next one shot (A Hero To Play With pt.2) that I'll be writing after I finish Todo's b-day special.

Katsuki woke up and saw a more neat and clean room than before-

Kiri went up behind the blond to try and scare him. "Boo."
Katsuki flung his head back and hit Kiri's nose on purpose.
"Ow! Damn, you didn't have to have that kind of reflex, jeez."

Yeah, I haven't even started much on it yet.


Now on to the next tag ;-;

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