Hey Guys

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FIRST I WOULD LOVE TO THANK YOU ALL. THESE DAYS I HAVE BEEN UPDATING REGULARLY SIMPLY BECAUSE OF YOU. LIKE I HAVE JUST UPDATED TWO DAYS AGO AND NOW THE VIEWS OF THE CHAPTER ARE AT 45 AND THAT'S JUST AWESOME. Thank you. I have been taking breaks between my studies just to write for you guys and that is still nothing regarding how awesome you are to me. I love you all and thanks for showing me support by voting, commenting and reading. I adore you so much. You are all so amazing. Thanks for being there. Anyone who wants me to read their story just comment it. If you have any ideas private message me and don't worry you will have your credits and a shout out. Oh and we have to kill that Derek guy for taking Brianna from Malik, (who agrees?!) thanks for reading it. Expect another update by today and tomorrow. Stay tuned if you feel like it. Thank you and love you guys ♥♥♥

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