"Yeah, dude," Nino responded. "Never seen that one before."

Alya scoffed. "You guys are losers."

You chuckled, eating a part of your (food), though you can't help but feel that specific emotion bubbling in your stomach except for hunger. You wanted him to tell you that you were pretty when you buy a new shirt. You want him to look at you just like how he looks at her. You want him to look at you as lovingly as if you are beautiful. You sighed. You know that it will never happen. It's impossible. 

"Penny for your thoughts, Y/N?" asked Adrien. 

You looked up from your plate, giving him a blank look. "Hm?" 

"You were a quiet for a little while over there, dudette," Nino added. "Are you alright?"

You nodded as you displayed a small smile. "Yeah. I'm good."

Adrien grinned, showing a bit of a pout.  "Maybe... you're having a crush on someone and you're not telling me!"

"What? No! I don't have a crush on anyone!" You suddenly felt Alya's eyes on you. She was looking at you with a knowing face. Secretly, you pinched her thighs, earning a complaint from her. You responded by quietly by raising your eyebrows innocently. You groaned. "Let's just change the topic."

Nino, and Adrien, who was watching the whole thing, shrugged. The golden-haired boy however, leaned towards the table, wearing a kind sm1ile, almost mistaken for a smirk. "Hello, Nathaniel." The mentioned boy beside you immediately faced Adrien at the other end of the table. "Speaking of crushes... do you have a crush on anyone?"

Nathaniel, after hearing the question, had his face reddened right away. You tried to choke back the suppressed laughter as Alya did the same. Nathaniel stuttered out what he wanted to say. "I-uh... um, I-I--"

You and Alya couldn't hold it anymore and began to laugh really loudly. After a while, you decided to save Nathaniel from a embarrassing mess. "No, he doesn't have a crush on anyone. Isn't that right, Nath?"

His answer was merely a nod. 


The classes finally ended. You really want to go home rest on your soft bed, but you just remembered that Alya had to tell you something. Luckily, you saw her at the entrance of the school and caught up with her. "Hey," you said as you neared. "What did you want to tell me about?" 

At that, she found herself chuckling. as she remembered. "Oh, yeah! Come on, I'll tell you all the way home."

The two of you started walking home, with your hands on the pockets of your hoodie with your favorite color. "Well?" you said. 

Alya was still snickering. "You remembered Adrien saying that he thinks someone has a crush on him, right?" 

"Yeah, I-I do." You internally winced at how weak you sounded. "What did he say? Did he mentioned my name? Do you think he knows I have a crush on him? Is it that obvious?"

She chuckled in return. "Don't worry, girl. It was nothing like that. He's a dense idiot," she said. You laughed at it, never thought you would hear Alya say that. "Anyway, he told me that..." -laughing- "...two people have a crush on him."

"Really? Then what's so funny?"

"He thought it was Alix." 

You let out a cackle, making Alya join in on the laughter. "What the heck... when did-" you cut yourself off with a laugh. (i literally can't remember any words to use other than the word 'laugh'. i'm so sorry for the repetitiveness.)

"I know!" Alya exclaimed. "Oh, and he also though that Ellie has a crush on him for eight months! Can you believe that?!" You laughed even more. She continued. "He said his eyes don't lie and it's very obvious!" 

"What the..." you trailed off, your eyes twitching uncomfortably. "Why would he say that?"

"Well, at least Adrien didn't include you. Like it's saying that you're good at hiding your feelings for him."

"Yeah," you felt a sense of pride in your chest. "I'm so great."

Alya smiled in return. "Yeah, you are." The both of you eventually arrived at Alya's house. "Well, time to say goodbye. I'll see you tomorrow!"

"Goodbye," you bid. 

Walking by yourself, makes you feel alone, but it also gives you time to think for a bit. You would look at the sidewalk your shoes are walking on, sometimes at the blue - sometimes grayish - sky, or at some houses you pass by. You would wonder countless things and deep, meaningful thoughts like 'what is the meaning of life?', or 'why do i exist?'... 

'why do i like Adrien Agreste?'

It seemed like your heart instantly answered the question that was running through your mind for hours. He's kind. He's sweet. He's gentle. He's funny. He's your best friend, plus he's a handsome guy! Who wouldn't want to date him? 

Your heartbeat escalated as you bit your lip. You then scoffed. "He's a freaking bully. He messes up with my hair, he teases me every minute, he makes fun of me..." But you suddenly remembered someone asking why boys pull on girls' pigtails at recess. Maybe... he likes you--

You shook your head. Your thoughts are wandering everywhere, it's out of control. 

You could see your house so you made a run for it. You were really eager to go back home and catch up with some sleep. 

end of chapter twenty-three


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