chapter 23

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You continued writing, until it was finished. The class was dismissed and to spend the free time all productively, Ms. Mendeleiev instructed that all of you should go to the library and read some chemical formulas and stuff. You did, well not really. 

You sat at the one side of the table while Alya and Adrien were beside each other on the other side of the table, but you were next to Alya (get it?). Kind of getting jealous on your side, but you did not want to show it. You pretended to read the book you have chosen, constantly hearing a conversation just near you. 

"Alya, she's just so beautiful, and- and her bluebell eyes-"

"I get it, I get it. You like her, she's beautiful. Anything else?"

You stifled a laugh, careful or they might hear you. You raised your book up to the tip of your nose to hide your smile. Your other hand rested on the table near Alya. You then heard Adrien say, "I have a theory... that someone might have a crush on me."

Your hand on the table was held by none other than Alya. Underneath the wood, she held it very tightly. When you heard what Adrien had told Alya, your mind went all over the place. Your heart began to beat so fast. You cannot move, your legs were freezing. The book in your grasp was almost crumpled. "Really?" Alya replied. "Who do you think has a crush on you?" 

You were alert. You are ready for it. Atleast... you think you are. Are you?

You glanced upwards from the book you were pretending to read. You caught Adrien's jade eyes looking at you, and you swear- you could actually die. Your heart beat twice as fast, as you went back to the book you were 'reading'. Your right hand squeezed Alya's other hand under the table. You made sure that you knew his gaze was not at you anymore before glancing a tiny bit at Alya. He was whispering something into her ear. You decided to return your gaze at the pages. 

Moments after, you suddenly heard Alya laughing at loud. Adrien was confused. You looked at her before turning your head towards Adrien with a look of confusion that matches his. He shrugged in reply. Cutting off the silent conversation was Alya slamming her palm on the table which earned a few shushes and groans coming from the corners of the library. The librarian was the most furious as she shushed the loudest. 

"Alya," you warned, your hand going to her shoulder, shaking it slightly. "Stay quiet."

She continued to laugh. "I-I'm sorry, I-I-" she laughed even more. 

"Was it something you said?" You asked Adrien. 

His eyebrows furrowed in more confusion. "I didn't say anything funny or weird..."

All of a sudden, Alya pulled your arm towards her and quickly whispered to your ear, "I'll tell you later. It's one of the funniest things I've ever heard!"

"Okay," you laughed nervously. Then, a student council went to the high platform, above the said library. They were going to announce something about school updates and events. It was a boring time, and you just nodded through it. 

Lunch came, and you are excited. (favorite food) is being served today. The tray you were holding was filled with it. You walked to your usual table occupied by Alya, Nathaniel, Adrien and Nino. "Hey, guys," You greeted. 

"Hey," they all replied the same. 

You sat down next to Alya and Nathaniel, with him being on the other side of the table and Adrien on the other end. He looked dazed, as he stared at a girl with blue-haired pigtails. His head sat atop of his palm that was placed on the table. He has literal heart eyes. "Hey," Adrien called the attention of someone beside him, and that was Nino. "Did Mari wear a new top?"

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