Cuddles- Wooflan

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I'm the Wooflan mood cause of that photo that Rob posted and I'm just.... so freaking happy so have a shit ton of fluff and a cuteness overload.

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Lachlan's P.O.V.

I wrung my hands together, unsure of how I would get few the next... month. Shit. I really did not think this through and I knew that I would have to suffer through it because I didn't have any other choice, I couldn't just up and leave back home because I couldn't sleep.

At home I had three roommates, Jay, Billy and Elliot and they were amazing with everything because they understood that there were reasons behind it.

I had constant nightmares and I couldn't sleep without someone beside me, they knew that. Often all 4 of us fell asleep on the same bed because we were just so comfortable with doing that and even though none of us were together, we were all just friends, and they supported me with everything.

But now I was in Canada, without any of the boys that had been supporting me for all those years, I knew it would be a struggle. The plane trip had been hard enough, I literally couldn't fall asleep because I knew I would wake up screaming and disturb everyone, which was the last thing I wanted.

And when I got to Rob's house I realised how much of a struggle it would be. Rob's apartment was tiny so we were sharing the same room, sharing the bed too, and I was there for a month so I didn't doubt that Rob would find out sooner or later about my constant nightmares.

The first night I didn't sleep. Every time my head started to nod I jolted my head back and just desperately kept playing on my phone under the covers to try and not fall asleep. Rob was peacefully sleeping on the other side of the bed and I tried not to wake him, not wanting him to know.

The next morning he confronted me, just after I was on my third cup of coffee.

"Lachlan? Why aren't you sleeping?" I shook my head and just kept sipping my coffee, almost completely ignoring him. "Lachlan." He poked my shoulder. "You can't keep ignoring me."

"Watch me." I mumbled, slipping from the bench and heading up to my office to start my recording and editing for the day. I had recorded some videos at home but not many so I knew I would have to work quite hard to get everything up in time, especially because I was so tired.

Eventually I couldn't fight it and I just gave in to the darkness, falling asleep at my desk after only a few hours of trying to record. I didn't even remember falling asleep afterwards, all I remembered was my eyes closing and then waking up a few hours later with tears streaming down my cheeks.

I clamped my hand over my mouth when I realised that I had been screaming and tried to stifle my sobs, knowing that Rob was somewhere around. I was still at my desk, curled up in my chair, tears streaming down my cheeks and sobs heaving at my chest.

Only a few seconds later the door behind me was gently pushed open and Rob came into the room, closing it behind him. I ignored him for a few seconds, wiping my eyes and trying to stop myself from crying before Rob started questioning me because I knew it would make me more upset.

"Oh Lachy..." He whispered, hugging me close. "Is this why you aren't sleeping?"

I nodded numbly, still trying to stifle my sobs with the sleeve of my jumper. Rob pulled my hand away and wiped my eyes with his thumb, letting me press my head into his shoulder while he rocked me back and forth, his hand running up and down my back.

"It's okay." He whispered. "It's okay, you're okay."

Eventually I calmed down enough to sit up on my own and I wiped my eyes miserably, waiting for the questioning. But it didn't come. Instead Rob just reached out and took my hand, pulling me in close and wrapping his other arm around my back, simply holding me.

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