Chapter 15.

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"You don’t want me, no
You don’t need me
Like I want you, oh
Like I need you

And I want you in my life
And I need you in my life"


The car ride has been deafening, the silence is  feels like it weighs a thousand tonnes and at this point I'd take the sound of a baby screaming over the crippling quiet.

I've kept my gaze out of the window, watching the rain drops hit the glass, or slowly trickle down when we come to a stop light.

I know Harry keeps looking at me, I can feel it, whenever he looks at me there's always that same feeling you get when you can sense someone behind you, there's just something about his presence that surrounds you.

Sophie looked confused when I approached her with Harry behind me, his hand hovering over the small of my back, like he was too apprehensive to touch me, but kept a protective closeness. Every single person would step out of the way as we walked, Harry glaring at anyone that nearly bumped into me.

She whispered in my ear that I better explain this to her later, which I agreed to, not knowing yet if I was lying or not, I don't know exactly how I'd explain it. Jacob seemed to know Harry, from the way he looked at him it seemed like it was personally, but he didn't look pleased about it.

He asked me how I knew Harry, and why I was leaving with him and Harry cut in and bluntly told him it was none of his business.

I could have sworn Jacob looked concerned as I was leaving, but that's probably because I was leaving some club with someone that wasn't my boyfriend while blind drunk, and I know how bad that would have looked.

By the time we reach my apartment, the amount I drank has hit me like a brick wall, even though the car was parked it felt like it was still moving.

I close my eyes, exhaling a slow breath to steady the spinning in my head, which only made it worse.

Harry still hasn't said a word, he's just sat back in the drivers seat watching me with his elbow on the door, toying his fingers over his bottom lip with his brows dropped.

"Well you got what you wanted, as usual" I murmur, resting my hand against my forehead as my head lulls back against the seat "I'm home now, so I'm going"

He still doesn't speak, just searches his hard eyes over me.

I reach for the door handle, swinging the car door open as I throw my feet out to hit the ground "I guess I won't be seeing you later" I say, my voice sounding defeated and tired.

I don't wait for a reply, I know I won't get one.

I hold onto the car door as I stumble my way out, balancing myself on the door before I slam it behind me.

This night is ending just as well as it started.

I can't bear to turn around and look at him, my heart is already aching enough from being so close to him. I found myself already missing him when I was sitting right next to him and I can't stand it.

I take wobbly steps towards the entrance, feeling my eyes start to burn, as my throat tightens.

I blink, as I feel tears start to slip from my eyes, mixing in with the rain dropping onto my face.

I was already emotional, but all of the alcohol is magnifying ten fold, wonderful, now I'm one of those emotional drunks walking home in the rain, this is like some pathetic scene out of a movie.

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