Chapter 29; These Are My Confessions

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       After getting off the phone with Olivia, I rushed to my car and drove over to get Triniti. Due to my risky driving, I made it there in about 5 minutes. I saw about 3 police cars and 6 officers. They all had their guns pointed at my girl. Hell no. Once I saw that, I made my way over to Triniti to pull her off of Ebony. In the middle of running to get her, I fell to the ground. I didn't understand why. Not until I tried to get up and saw blood streaming from my leg. "Why did you shoot me?" I yelled. Triniti immediately stood up and ran over to me. "Oh my god! What the hell!" She began screaming. She fell to her knees and wrapped me in her arms. Although Ebony was bleeding pretty bad, Chyna managed to get her up and drag her into the house.


I was more furious now than I could have ever been with Ebony. How could they shoot Jared for literally no reason. I stared into his eyes as a tear streamed down his cheek. I wiped it away while crying myself. He was zoning in and out of consciousness. If I lose him, I am going on a killing spree. I heard an ambulance approaching so I carefully laid Jared on the ground and backed away to give the paramedics room to work. I looked at the officer that shot my boyfriend and made my way over. They had their guns pointed in my direction. "Ma'am don't come any closer." They said. "Triniti come over here!" Olivia yelled. She was trying to come get me but Michael was protecting her with his life and holding her back. "I just have one simple question." I started. "Why in the world did you shoot my boyfriend?" I asked. Looking for an honest answer. There was no reply. Just guilty faces. They knew they did something wrong. "Well?" I asked again. "He- he was going to attack me." One of the officers lied. "Bullshit. He didn't even look in your direction. Try again. This time, don't lie." I replied now standing directly in front of him. "He startled me ma'am. I had every right to fire if I felt threatened." He said. "What the fuck did you feel threatened by?" I asked, lightly pushing him. Of course he exaggerated and fell on his ass. "Ma'am you're under arrest." Another officer came over and began mirandizing me. I didn't care. They shot an innocent man. My boyfriend. This battle had only just begun.


Olivia and I watched as they cuffed Triniti and put Jared on a stretcher. We got into the car to follow the police to the station so we could bail Triniti out. This all happened so fast. I looked over at Olivia who was looking pale, "are you alright?" I asked. She scoffed and rolled her eyes. "What?" I asked. "If you'd have let me grab her, we wouldn't even be doing this right now." She said. She had to be joking. "Are you serious Olivia? Those men had guns. I understand you and I are not on the best terms right now but I'll be damned if anything ever happened to you or my baby." I snapped. She silently looked out the window as we drove. I was angry with her. I was angry about everything that happened lately, but I knew she needed me to comfort her now more than ever. I reached for her hand and began to softly caress it. She glanced at my hand. "Look, Michael. You're right. I'm sorry. I am just scared. I mean my best friend just got arrested and her boyfriend might be dead. Honestly, it's all because of me." She said, her voice cracking. "don't blame yourself, Liv. It isn't your fault." I reassured her. "Oh, really? Because the way I see it, none of this would have happened if I would have just told you I was pregnant in the first place. They wouldn't be hurt and in trouble and I wouldn't have lost you." She replied. I couldn't allow myself to be angry with her anymore. She was scared, sad, she needed me right now. The only thing I needed to be when it came to her was there. "it isn't your fault, Liv. You didn't come to me because you were scared. That doesn't mean everything that happened was because of you. It isn't" I said. It grew silent for a moment as we pulled into the station's parking lot and parked the car. Olivia opened her door to get out and I pulled her back in for a second. "And for the record. You never lost me, baby." I told her. I kissed her hand, causing her to smirk. 

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