Chapter 1

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katniss pov

It was a beautiful day in the Capitol, everyone was in tehir casual clothing. The birds were chirping and the animals were all happy. "Katniss....Katniss wake up we have an interview with Ceaser in 2 hours, and you know how long it takes for the stylists to do your hair" I moan and pull the sheets over my head. "C'mon Kat, do you want Effie and Hymitch to wake you or do you want me to wake you?" "You" Than get up." I let Peeta pull the sheest back to my neck so I can wake upi, "You stayed up late again, didn't you?" he asked "yea, some reason I just couldn't sleep, this is the third night Peeta. I need to sleep." I responded as I reach for my lamp switch. "It's okay, how about this after the interview, once Ceaser leaves I'll carry you up to your room, tuck you into bed, and makesure no onedisrupts you, okay?" He says with a smirk, I hate that smirk it makes me feel all lovey-dovey, and I don't do lovey-dovey. "Okay, you promnise" "I promise."

Peeta grabbed my robe while I was getting up, I put it on and followed him into the kitchen where Effie and Haymitch are. "By the was, what time is it anywasy?" I ask curious if I missed anything important, "it's 10:30" Peeta replied. "Wow and I'm the early bird" "I know thats why I woke you up before Effie and Haymitch realized you were still asleep" "thank you" "no proble." We walk into the kitchen where Effie and Haymitch are arguing over something that wasn't that important nor did it invovle us. "But I don't care, you are cleaning up those stupid bottles in the living roon!" "And I told you that I will get them later!" The doorbell rand and Peeta and I went to answer it. "I wish they would get along" he said "I know right I mean I can stand me and Haymitch argueing but Haymitch and Effie is just to much for me to handle" I replied , and opened the door.

"Good mornig Ms. Everdeen, good morning Mr. Mellark" "Good morning" we both replied and all laughed "here's your mail guys" "thanks Ylissa." Peeta closes the door and I am looking through the mail to see if there's anything we need to address. "Anything?" he asks "ummmm....waut, yea there is. It's addressed to both of us." I hand it to Peeta while he reads it out loud I listen and look through the rest of the mail. "Dear Mr. Mellark and Ms. Everdeen, I am writting a letter to you saying that you never finished high school!?" I stop looking through the mail and drop it. "Wait, what?" He continues "you are required to finish the last 3 years of your educational life, since you are famous though, you cannot go to your original school back in district twelve. We would like to avoid poperatzi crowding the school alot. And so you will be going to Hunger Games High, Capitol High School was already taken. You have already been enrolled  so you both can't get oyu of this. I hope you enjoy your new school and we miss you dearly. Sincerely Principal Wellwood and Principal Snow." "WHAT!?!?!?!? Principal Snow" I exclaimed.

Effie and Haymitch run in thinking Peeta and I are Fighting, "what's wrong, is everything okay?" Effie ask's. "Katniss, what did you do this time?" asks Haymitch, I completely ignore them and look at Peeta "I'm not going there. There is no way Im going to be a student at a school where that-that-that tyrant is the principal!" I exclaim "But Kat your gonna fail, don't you wanna pass so you can ge ton with your life and forget about it once you graduate?" He asks "well.....yeah. But not is he's the principal" "just try it Kat" Peeta says "fine. but the moment he fails me is the moment I get homeschooled got it" "got it." Effie and Haymitch just look at us like we just explained what thquantum theory of existence is. Effie pciked up the letter and read it "Oh my goodness, that's so exciting for all of us." she says happily "uh no it doesn't because I don't want to work in a school full of kids when I could be sitting at home doing nothing" Haymitch says.

I pick up the school supplies list "when does this school start" I ask "it says August 19" Effie replies "thats in 2 weeks" Peeta says "well looks like I'm going shopping today, who wants to come" I ask "I'll go with you" Effie says. Suddenly the doorbell rings "Hey everybody hows my favorite mentors and Star Crossed Lovers" we gave him a key because he alwasy comes here whether its for work of just to hang out with us. "Katniss I heasrd the bad news are you okay"He asks grabbing my hands". "what bad news" Peeta asks "Oh wow well Katniss two days ago, you know, the misscarraiage" " Oh right sorry we have been jest so busy with the news and everything that Peeta and I forgot." I answer "so how are you feeling" he asks "I'm doing better, I just wish that the baby could have been able to live its life to the fullest" I respond. Peeta, Haymitch, and Effie all look at me surprised. I had completely forgot that I never actually acted infront of them.

"Well I'm glad to hear that, so are you ready for the interview," the camera man asked "yeah we're ready for the interview" Effie said snapping out of her trance. "Cool just on more question for you Haymitch, thats is if you know the answer" Ceaser asked "and that question would be" Haymitch asked "Do you know if they are going to try again" Ceaser asked, Haymitch knew exactly what the question was about since we jsut went over. And with that question was a glare in his eye that said 'Your gonna have to deal with it sweetheart' and with that he answered. "Yes but not for atleast 2 years" "that's great, I'm Ceaser FLickerman, and I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peak of the 'Star Crossed Lovers'". "And we're clear" said the camera man "Okay you two go get ready for your interview, remember that your doing seperate interviews." Effie said pushing us to our designers.

I got to the room where I meet Cinna and the crew "Okay Katniss we are gonna do a simple look instead. So I want you to try these putfits out and tell me what you feel comfortable in" "Okay" I answered walking in the dressing room, soon I came out with a big black cape, red fitted crop top, blue jeans and high heels. "Not gonna happen" I tell them and walk back in the room. " The next outfit was a big fat princess dress, we both agreed it was never meant to be, after that I walked out with a nice sunset orange sundress and solid 2 in wedges that were the perfect hieght for me. "This is the one" Cinna said "I agree" I replied. After that the hair and makeup crew did everything simple, Cinna told we that we were gonna so everything simple today, nothing fancy, almost like an Easter Church sunday, before the whole apocalyptic lifestyle happened. I like it because all I had to wear was a little bit of bright orange eyeshadow, red lipstick but not to red, and a little blush.

My hair was pilled back into a ponytail with a little curl at the end. When I walked out of the room I found Peeta looking out a window, he was wearing a buttoned up T-shirt, some jeans and lace up boots under them, his hair was sliked back a little bit. "Mind if I join you" I asked, he looked shell shocked, "ummm Peeta" "Oh uh yea sure" I giggled a bit, and we were both surprised at the fact that I giggled. "Umm kat since when do you giggle.....AND DID YOU JUST GIGGLE?!" he asked wide-eyed could blame him, I ws wide- eye myself. "I don't know I never giggle, I'm kinda scared now" "It's okay be calm, just don't giggle again okay?" "Peeta i'm female we giggle at some point in our life" I said bluntly.

"Kat I'm going to ask you a very important question." He said "Okay" I replied. "Are you on the time of the month?" okay I figured he know about a girls time but asking me scares the hell out of me "Peeta I am not, anf please never ask me that again" "Got it".

O.O Okay weird ending, I don't think anyone would have thought that question would come out of Peeta's mouths out of all people. Anyways, I have other books if you wanna read them, and go check out my BFF page her name is ApocalypticGirl.

Peeta:O_O What....Did.....I....Just....Ask.....Katniss

Katniss: Peeta I'm pretty sure anyone would ask a girl that, especially a guy. But lets just drop the subject and go to the mall, and meet the others.

Peeta: I think that might be best. 


Katniss: SOOOOOO you love me enough to buy me a pretzel right?

Peeta: Only If we can split it

Katniss: Deal

*Both gets in Peetas car and drives off to the mall where they meet everyone else*

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