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Vincent pushed the call button before throwing his suit jacket on. He adjusted his collar as he listened to the ringing. "Vince, what's up?" He heard Dominico answer the phone.

"Meeting at my parent's place in thirty. Call Gio and let him know," he answered as he looked himself over in the mirror. He nodded and buttoned the last button on his grey jacket. He hadn't put a tie on and he had left the top two buttons on his white dress shirt. Ties were for formal affairs and a meeting with his father and brothers was not formal. He knew he would probably hear about it from his father but he didn't care. It was definitely time to show his father he was his own man. How else was he going to believe he was ready to take over?

"See you then," Dominico responded before hanging up. Vincent walked out of his bedroom and headed towards his front door. He grabbed his keys and walked out. Getting on the elevator he took his phone out and sent a quick text to his father to inform him that he was on his way.

Putting his phone back into his pocket the doors opened and a beautiful blonde stepped in. Vincent sent her one of his pantie dropping smiles and watched as she blushed before looking down on the floor. He was pleased with her reaction and decided that he would introduce himself. "Vincent," he said turning to her and holding his hand out for her to shake.

"Sarah," she said shaking his hand quickly before tucking a strand on her long hair behind her ear in a nervous manner. Vincent chuckled a little. He loved the effect he has on women.

"Sarah. What a beautiful name. Tell me, Sarah, do you have a boyfriend?" He asked her and received a shake of the head in response. "Husband?" He asked. Another head shake. Vincent smiled before pulling a card out of his jacket pocket and handing it to her as the elevator doors opened. "Call me," he said as he walked past her and out of the elevator. He made sure to saunter all the way to the lobby door. He swung his keys around his finger and didn't turn around. He knew she was watching him though and he loved it.

Twenty minutes later Vincent was walking into his parents' house. "Mr. Bellandini, your mother and father are in the dining room waiting for you," Lola, the family housekeeper, told him. Nodding he bent down to hug her, lifting her up and making her laugh. Lola had a hand in raising him and he loved every bit of her five-foot self.

"Lola, I have told you a million times, call me by my name, please," he said putting his hands together to show his begging. "If you insist on calling me by my father's name, I will have to call you Mrs. Hennsing," he crossed his arms in order to try and intimidate her, knowing that it was impossible considering that she had done enough of the punishing when he was a boy.

"Okay, Vincent," she said laughing as she turned to walk back to the kitchen. Vincent started for the dining room shaking his head and laughing.

"Vincent, it's so good to see you," he heard his mother, Nadia, say as soon as he had a single foot in the room. Vincent laughed. His mother was never sure who was with him so she was always very formal when he first arrived. "Are you alone?" She looked behind him to make sure no one else was coming in.

Vincent nodded his head, "Yes Momma," he reached her and hugged her tightly. "Your nephew and less good-looking son should be here shortly. Besides that, though I know of no one showing up that you have to be so proper for," he smiled down at her and received a slap to the arm for his teasing.

"You know, I didn't realize that I had raised such a comedian," his mother said taking her seat again. "Dish yourself up some food, Vinny," she waved her hand over the abundance of food that was spread across the table. Vince rolled his eyes at the nickname that she used when they were just being a family. He hated it and only allowed her to call him that.

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