Chapter 32: A Spanish Soap Opera: My Life, Currently

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A whirl.

Afternoon, my scarlet colored couch, KFC commercial, contented silence. A pause, like a transition in a movie. A first taste of alcohol, The Tables, Danny's mother's floral bedspread, a slap. Another pause. Kissing, dropping from the sky, German words whirling through the air like wind. Hugs, reassurance, preludin, wordless looks that conveyed a million words, yelling, kisses.

Pause. The film stopped; the kiss was over as soon as it started. John's gentle hands were off my waist, my face, his lips were off mine, and as John jumped away from me I saw Koschmider staring at the two of us. John was standing over me, one hand on the bookshelf behind me, acting as though Koschmider had interrupted him in the act.

I stepped to my left and almost felt my knees buckle; the shock of the previous act was still coursing through my veins.

"Was zum teufel machst du in meinem büro?" Koschmider said, his voice rising into a yell; the words were like television static in my brain that slowly came into focus. I licked my lip gingerly, feeling guiltily like a starving dog who was given food and then had it taken away.

Koschmider still didn't come in. "You kinder thought you could come in to mein büro and have a little küssende sitzung now did you? Get the hell out of here, verlassen!" He hurled the last word and finally marched into his office towards us threatiningly. John grabbed my hand; I was still unable to move, but with a jolt I scurried out of the office, John still holding my hand, Koschmider yelling, "Kuerst, break the contract! Nächster, set fire to this place!" He slammed the door, not before yelling, "I want you out! Now! Verlassen!"

John and I stood outside in the corridor. I was frozen, he looked somewhat relaxed. It was too much excitement for me. I opened and closed my mouth. "That was... that was... a lot of German."

"A lot of German," he said, breaking into laughter. We were doubled up in laughter in the corridor, our anxiety coming out in huge bouts of giggling. A shadow moved in Koschmider's door, and we hastily ran like naughty children.


John let go of my hand the moment we reached the end of the hallway. Pete Best was nowhere to be found.

"I think they're in the other room where the file could have been kept," John told me. His expression was unreadable. None of us moved. I felt like I should have said something but there were too many things happening in my brain at the moment, primarily the kiss. As if reading my mind, John suddenly said, "Oh, by the way, I'm sorry about what happened back in Koschmider's office, y/n," He looked up at me. "I figured it was—"

"—the only way, I know," I finished his sentence. "Clever boy. Acting just like teenagers, making out in any empty room they could find."

"I'm glad it worked," John said. "That was a good show you put on. Now if you'll excuse me..." he nodded in someone's direction, back on the dance floor, a world which suddenly made itself prominent in my field of vision. Juliet was standing there in a black elegant dress, her hair done up like mine, wearing an innocent smile as she waited for her boyfriend.

I wondered if she would taste me on his lips.

I simply nodded back at John, smiling on the outside, glancing at him as he walked towards his girlfriend and necked her as a hello. I turned around sharply, still tasting him.

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