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For two people on the run, today was a normal morning

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For two people on the run, today was a normal morning. It was a relatively calm day and Laura had never felt more positive than before, considering the fact that she was basically a fugitive and her travelling companion was an assassin.

After her birthday, Bucky and Laura had been closer than ever. They had started joking around with each other and even if they were silly jokes, Laura still told them to him just to make him laugh.

Bucky had a great laugh, she had noted. It was a sound that would always make her feel good; he would laugh softly and that was all she wanted these days; Bucky to laugh. In a strange way, she had grown completely attached to Bucky.

"Laura," Bucky drawled. "Entertain me; I'm bored."

Laura sat down next to him on the couch and gave him a look. "Really? I'm not a walking encyclopaedia, you know? I can't always entertain you except when I tell my jokes. That's got to be entertaining, right?"

"Entertaining enough to make my ears bleed," He smirked at her, making Laura gasp.

"You offend me, Mr Barnes," Laura said in a dramatic fashion, placing a hand on her heart. "My jokes are actually funny."

"Your jokes are worse than a forty year old man's,"Bucky teased. "Can't believe you actually think of those."

"Oh says the one who's like a hundred years old," Laura made a face as she said this. "I'm only twenty seven so don't age me up unnecessarily, man."

"You're twenty seven?!" Bucky said with a tone of surprise.

"Woah," She suddenly felt defensive. "What's with the tone of surprise, Mister? I don't look old, do I?"

"No no, I didn't mean it that way. You look young for someone who is twenty seven," At Laura's face, he stopped the sentence. "I meant you look pretty young not that you aren't...and I should just stop talking."

With a laugh, Laura patted his arm. "How did you even get girls to go out with you, man? You're fumbling so much."

"I haven't been with someone in seventy years so I'm bound to be rusty, right?" Bucky stated with a small pout. "But usually, I smiled and complimented their dress and they'd be willing to come dance with me."

"Well let me tell you," Laura placed her hand on Bucky's shoulder like she was delivering a message of importance. "Today's women, including me, like to get to know the man first before 'dancing with him' if you get me. So a tip; talk to a girl and get to know her and let her know you. Be interested in her and then girls will really fall for you."

When Laura finished, she realised Bucky was giving her a strange look. "What?" She asked. "Did I say something?"

"You...you're so nice. How can you be so nice?"

Laura found herself suddenly blushing at the compliment. She looked down at her hands and fidgeted with her fingers. "I don't know.::I think I used to be this way...before you-know-who happened."

"They really ruined both our lives," She stated sympathetically. "Your's more than mine. You should have been with your friend and spent time with him; me, I barely remember if I had friends."

Laura placed her hand on his metal one, in what she hoped would be a comforting gesture. "But I'm glad I helped you escape; these past few months have been strange but they've been made bearable by your presence."

"Same to you," Bucky returned her gesture by placing his non metal hand on her's. It felt warm and as soon as their hands touched, a spark spread through her hand. She tried not to think of it as Bucky continued to speak, his voice a low whisper. "Without you; they would have made me into a killer all over again. I don't know how I'll ever thank you for that."

"You don't," Laura managed a sad smile as she moved a little closer to him, taking in his warmth. "You don't ever have to thank me."

"I owe you one, doll. Let me do something for you."

"Doll?" She questioned with a soft look. "Me?"

"Oh," Bucky suddenly pulled his hand away and all the warmth disappeared and she could only feel the metal of his other hand. "I didn't mean...it must have slipped out."

"It's fine, call me whatever you like," Laura said, smiling softly. "I mean, we've spent so much time together; we're friends, right?"

"Right," Bucky nodded. But as Laura pulled her hand away from his, she noticed that his face had lost some of the lightness of their conversation, like she had said something wrong. She didn't like that look on him at all.

"Bucky?" Laura said. "Can I ask you something?"

He nodded. "Go on."

"What were the forties like? I've always liked the era. I mean, I know things were terrible then especially due to the war but there were some good things right? Like the music? Because the movies never really show it right."

"You forgot one thing," He said, not looking at her. "Dancing."

"Tell me then," Laura propped up her knees on the couch and looked up at him. "Because I'm willing to listen always."


Strange place to end a chapter, but then I'm happy with how it ended. As you can see this was mainly intended as a light hearted/sad chapter and it had some stupid humor thrown in too. I absolutely loved writing Bucky and Laura in this because they were absolutely cute in this.

Before any makes any comment about how I'm rushing their relationship, know this that by this point in the story, they've spent a year and a half together. This chapter would be taking place concurrent to the events in Sokovia.

By the way, this is the second to last chapter of this part. Once I'm done with it, this book will be on hold so that I can finish off the present acts of some of my other books in the series, especially my Peter Parker fic and my Steve Rogers fic.

Anyways, sorry for the long ass author's note. Let me know what you thought of this chapter below!

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