Long Walk Home

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Awhile passed by before he spoke again.
"I didn't tell you before but my name is Austin," the boy said pulling out your ear bud again.

"Do you need something?" You calmy but you were starting to get annoyed because you just wanted to listen to music.

"No..., not really,  why?" His face turned into a confused look.

"You seem to not like me during one hour then act like we're bestfriends the next."

"Stop hanging around Tate." He demanded/stated out of absolutely no where.


"Don't hang around him, and I might like to hang around you more." He sounded so ignorant.

"Who are you to tell me who to hang around, i just met you like two hours ago n and what made you think I wanted you to hang around m-," the bell rang interrupting you. Thank God.

"Listen I just wanted to get to know you be-"

"What made you think I wanted you to get to know me," you said about to walk out of the class as you felt him grab your arm.

"Don't go home too late it gets dangerous at night in this town. " Why is he being so demanding.

"Goodbye Austin," yoy said pulling out if his grip and walked out of the classroom.


The rest of the school day went pretty fast. You and Tate went to the park after school.

"So how was your first day?" Tate said slowly pushing your swing.

"It was good for the most part."

"What do you mean 'for the most part'?"

"A boy, Austin, was just being a dick, but then he tried being friendly with me, then he told me-...."

"What'd he tell you?" Tate asked slowing my swing down.

"He told me to stay away from you..."

Tate got slowly closer to you.

"Its getting late do you want me to take you home?" You were a little frightened by all this suspension and tension in the air, so you politely denied.

"No thanks, I'll be fine on my own."

"Right...well call me if you need a ride to school tomorrow." He said backing up.

"Yeah, well thanks again."

"No problem."

He waved again then left into the darkness. You, however still stayed at the park. It was dark so you thought to just text your dad to come pick you up at the park.

It was dead silent for a while, until you heard footsteps. Then you saw a figure, too dark to make out who it was. It kept walking closer and closer.
You backed up out of your swing grabbing your stuff till the figure dissapeared into the night. You felt my body start to relax more before a pair of strong arms wrapped around your waist and covered your mouth.

Hahaha I know that ending is gonna leave you on a cliff hanger, but I need something to get you to read the next chapter. Again sorry but its already been done. Subscribe and vote to get updates. I'll usually post late at night you have been warned. Hope You enjoyed reading this.

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