Chapter Nineteen : Hajima

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i gulped

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i gulped.

"I'm only gonna ask again once, baby girl." The pet name made me squirm under his eyes. Taeyong watched me amused. A smirk of victory plastered upon his amazing features. He stepped closer to me, pressing against my womanhood. I whimpered.

"You know i love seeing you like this, all hot and flustered for me...but i bet you would look better under me hot and flustered  while screaming for mercy  while i fucked the shit out of you...what do you think?" He places his finger tips under my chin and makes me look at him in the eyes. "You've been toying with me since you got here and my wolf won't take it any longer."

Speaking of wolves...where was mine? Where was Dalia. She's been quiet since the last incident or ours.

"Hajima. (Don't do this). My heat will grow worse, Taeyong, please."

"I should take you right here, right now and let everyone here hear  including Ten, how loud you are for me."
I looked away at his words.

Taeyong growled, dominance ecocing from his voice and into the halls. "Are you a virgin, Y/n?"

When i didn't awnser him Taeyong growled louder this time. "Awnser me! and don't lie!" His alpha voice coming out laouder than he probably intended it to since he now knew i was a dominant she-wolf, which is rare.

A single tear left my eyes as i replied. "Yes. yes i am, Taeyong." i looked into his eyes this time. Whiping away the remainder of my tear and looking him straight in the face.

His eyes softened at my awnser.

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