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3:00 pm.

That, is Myoui Mina's favourite time. Ever since she was 5 years old, her eyes would always drift to the clock, awaiting the marks that'll soon appear on her arms. Usually it was on the arms, or hands. Wherever her soulmate finds best.

For her, it started at the age of 5, that was when she started to notice the messy markings appearing on her skin. For everyone it's different, some would write down words at a tender age of four though not a lot of people would remember that and some would receive marks at the age 20.

It's different for everyone.

Mina loved it. She loved how, when your soulmate would write on their skin, it'll appear on your own. Even if you don't know their name or what they look like. Mina didn't care. She was in awe every time different writings would appear on her skin.

It wasn't words, it was mostly sketches and it seemed as if each one had a meaning.

3:00 pm that was her favourite time of the day.


"Ah, What time is it?" Mina glanced at the clock, dismissing the work laid in front of her.


Her eyes widened, rolling up her sleeves, awaiting the sketches to soon faid in.

And then she saw it. First it was just a curve of a black line, then it soon transitioned to flowers. Each one drawn with a gentle hand. Mina smiled, her eye following each stroke of the black ink, faint grin slowly getting wider.

She knew this'll take a long time. Her soulmate did have a talent in the artistic department. Mina continued to watch her arm fill with the writing of her significant other.

"Oh, that flower." Mina's finger traced the lines of this plant which was near her wrist, far from the other sketches. It took longer for her soulmate to finish, it almost seemed as if the sketch was fragile and the artist wanted to make sure they don't make a single mistake.

But then the line that'll complete the drawing suddenly, stopped.

Mina sighed.

"This'll be gone in a few minutes.." She trailed off, pouting a bit. She wanted the drawing to continue. She wanted her soulmate to finish what she had started. But that was rare as of lately.

Mina stared at the lines, watching each line fade away. The flowers on her skin slowly but surely disappearing. Sometimes Mina wished for the drawings to stay glued to her skin, but she was told that was a bad thing so she was sometimes glad the sketches wouldn't stay.

"Hey Mina, going home yet?"

She looked up, "Oh, uh. Yeah I just have to finish some stuff, no need to wait for me."

"Ok, ok. Don't work yourself to hard!"

Mina smiled, "Thank you Sana!" Waving goodbye and as soon as she saw the door close behind her friend, she sank in her chair. Sighing.

Grabbing a pen, Mina slowly put it against her arm, hesitating. She didn't know why, but she was always afraid to write on her skin. To write, knowing full well that her soulmate will see it appear on their own arm. The tip of the ball point pen touched her soft porcelain skin, only to retract back.

"Maybe another time." She muttered, stuffing her pen into a box of other coloured ones.

Mina stayed still, wondering. Then she groaned. Quietly laughing at herself in embarrassment.

Is that why?

Mina was afraid.

Embarrassed? No.

Scared? Hmm.


Mina wasn't exactly horrified with the thought of drawing on her arm but she was just afraid that her soulmate will just laugh at it, or much rather, just ignore it.

Compared to her Van Gogh like partner, Mina wasn't an artist moreso, she had never really drawn anything as beautiful her soulmate's simple flowers. She didn't want to have her soulmate get all disappointed if Mina starts drawing on her arm.

All they'll see is an abomination.

That's what Mina always thought. When she's so close to writing whatever on her skin, the thought would come back and haunt her.

Even when she was a 5 year old girl, sketching or even writing on her arm was a little fear of her own.

Mina sighed, pouting. Her soulmate must be tired of waiting for her writing. They must be tired of waiting for their arms to be covered with ink, ink that was used by Mina.

Maybe next time.


Thank you for reading the first chapter of Artistic Tendencies! For the people who are confused with the concept let me clear it up for you-

This book is a SOULMATE AU.
Basically, if you draw on your arm or any part of your body with a pen/marker/whatever, that writing or drawing will appear on your soulmate's body. It'll appear on the same spot you drew on :)

Anyways so yeah! Thank you for reading this chapter! 🐧🐯

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