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{A/N: Waddup kids. I will start this by saying I am the WORST author, and I'm sorry I left you guys for so long- I have no excuse other than pure laziness and a little depression thrown in. But I just want you guys to know how much you guys make my day. I get so giggly and happy whenever I see a comment that's excited over my writing- MY writing, how crazy. Anyways, I love you guys, and I hope you guys know how genuinely happy you make me. <33333}

Listen. Bucky has dealt with moody and stubborn punks half of his life. And when he first met Peter, a protective flare rose in him at the obvious similarities him and Steve shared (Before the war, of course. That's when Buck's best memories of him are from)- the shortness, the skinniness. The fluffy hair, warm cheeks, and even warmer eyes- through the eyes held more than warmth. They held a fierce passion and stubbornness. His hands always itching for something to do, tapping on the nearest surface, itching at the splinters on the table, or picking at his nails.

But it's concerning, seeing him so timid. Really, the only time Steve was like this was when he was sick, but even then he had some fire.

Something had happened to this kid- something that brought him to the brink and has kept him there for a while. And it's breaking Bucky's damn heart, because, from those split seconds, he saw the hollow sadness, and even fear in the back of his mind.

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