Scary Movies

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"Well why nnnnooooot?" The 19-year-old Canadian whined. He was pleading with his big brother to let him watch a scary movie with his friends. Justin knew how Shawn got when it came to scary movies. Here's the rundown: He'd say he's not scared anymore and how he grew up blah blah blah, and then he'd end up in Justin's bed, petrified of him turning the lights out. So to avoid his brother's movie drama, he often denied Shawn the chance to watch them when push came to shove.

However: Shawn was being relentless. Justin didn't understand Shawn's sudden need to see a scary movie. It actually had something to do with a conversation he and Brian had.

-Flash Back-

"Yo Shawn!" Brian called out, walking at a quick pace to get to Shawn. Shawn looked back and smiled, giving him a "homie" hand shake.
"What's up buddy?" Shawn asked.
"Nothin' much, hey, you heard of 'Pancreas Harvester'?
"Isn't that that new movie?"
"Yeah! The one where this endocrinologist goes psycho and harvests working pancreas to get insulin for his dead wife's pancreas. It sounds sick and bad ass! Are you going?" Brian asked. Shawn thought the movie sounded cool yet gross at the same time, but what the hell he thought. It's just a movie.
"Yeah sure," Shawn agreed, giving Brian a high five.
"Wait," Brian had gotten a second thought.
"You sure your bro is cool with this? Don't want you to get in trouble," Brian asked, half concerned.
"Totally! I'm pretty sure he's going to say yes." He smirked, crossing his arms over his chest in a state of triumph.

"No." Justin said firmly, scrolling through his text messages. Shawn rolled his eyes and sighed dramatically, plopping on the couch beside Justin.

"Shawn I said no," Justin said again, not looking up from his phone. Shawn looked at him with puppy dog sad eyes and tried to put the look together with a little pout. Justin still didn't look up but pinched Shawn's cheek instead, earning a squeak from the teenager.

Shawn rubbed his face and glared at Justin, "I don't see why I can't go. I'm 19-years-old, I'm allowed to drink and do other things." Shawn tried to convince Justin. Justin rose an eyebrow and looked up at Shawn,"That's not the point. The point is you're going to watch that movie, and then end up in my bedroom shaking and on the urge of tears because I'm turning off the lights. I don't want to deal with it so I'm saying no."

Shawn just about fell over, 'he keeps treating me like a baby!' He thought irritably when suddenly an idea pops into his head.

"Brian is going! Please Justin? I promise I won't get scared this time! Please please please?" Shawn begged, scooting back over towards Justin as Justin began to play his music in his head phones.

"Justinnnnnn, stop ignoring me!" He whined, frustrated at his brother's stubbornness and unwillingness to listen to his point. Justin began to purposely sing along to the Chainsmokers, furthering his little brother's irritation.

Shawn sat back, glaring at the coffee table in front of him as Justin sang. Justin caught a glimpse of his brother's face and crawled over to him singing in his face. Shawn turned his head away and tried to get away but Justin blocked each way.

Shawn crossed his arms and pouted, which urged Justin on to pinch this cheeks, cooing him lightly. Shawn whimpered and tried to squeeze away, to no avail. Justin finished the song and let go of Shawn's face, sitting back down.

Shawn let out an obnoxious noise and fell into his brother's lap dramatically. Justin lifted his brow and placed a hand on his brother's backside, patting it softly. "You know, you're in the perfect position to get a spankin'.." Justin smirked, playfully swatting the bottom in front of him.

Shawn hopped up quick and sat on his backside, hiding it from Justin. Justin snickered at Shawn's reaction, leaning back against the couch and putting his feet up. Shawn crawled over and this time sat upward in his lap, his legs were spread out on the couch and nuzzled his head on Justin's shoulder, looking at him with sad puppy eyes.

"Please?" He looked as if he were going to cry if Justin said no again. Justin rolled his eyes and wrapped his arms around Shawn, pulling him close.
"You really wanna see this movie huh?" Shawn got a spark of hope in his eyes.
"Yes more than anything!" Shawn said exasperated, snuggling in Justin's arms.
"We'll make a deal, you and I are going to watch a scary movie and if you get through it without crying and being afraid you can go see the other one with Brian. Deal?" Justin kissed his cheek after finishing his sentence.

"Okay! Deal! Thank you big brother!" Shawn wrapped his arms around Justin, squeezing him before he got up and happily ran into his room, Justin chuckled as he watched him.

It was later in the evening and Justin came and looked through Netflix for a movie that was scarier than Pancreas Harvester, after settling on a movie he sat back and saw Shawn emerging into the room from the corner of his eye. Shawn was wearing his Elvis cartoon PJ top and random plaid bottoms, he sat next to Justin with determination.

Justin was amused at how tough his brother was acting and tickled his side, getting a giggle out of Shawn but Shawn blushed and turned away, gave reddened. Justin pressed play on the movie and sat back, eating on some popcorn as Shawn sat up, watching the titles begin.

"You sure you want to watch this," Justin asked, looking over at Shawn who merely nodded.
"Okay," Justin replied, turning back to the TV. 15 minutes into the film Shawn was fine, there wasn't anything too bad just some mild swearing and inappropriate "love" scenes which Shawn blushed at, hiding his face into Justin's side. Justin took notice and ran his fingers through Shawn's hair.

After 30 minutes, it got kind of gorey as it showed a man creep on the loving couple with an axe covered in bleach and various chemicals. Shawn gasped when he attacked them in mid intercourse. Shawn's stomach started to turn a little and he crawled beside Justin, leaning on him but continued to watch.

After 45 minutes, Shawn was trying his hardest to keep his composure. He was still leaning on Justin, Justin however noticed Shawn's nervousness and pulled him onto his lap, wrapping an arm around him rubbing up and down his spine. "You doing okay?" Justin asked, Shawn meekly nodded again and turned back to the TV. Justin pressed a kiss onto his hair, still rubbing his back.

They couldn't even finish the movie after an hour and fifteen minutes because Shawn was begging for Justin to turn it off. Shawn was shaking and crying silently as Justin sat up and held him, murmuring comforting words in his ear. It had gotten to the point where all hell broke loose and various people were murdering anything they saw. It was gruesome the images being shown on the screen. If that wasn't it, those same people were being damned to hell for falling for the trick as Satan tortured them. It looked too surreal for Shawn, and he couldn't take it.

Justin turned the movie off and snuggled the crying teenager, rubbing up and down his spine. Justin's shirt was becoming soaked with tears as Shawn cried into the crook of his neck. Shawn thought that movie was horrible, how was he going to see the Pancreas Harvester?! He couldn't.

"J-Justin?" Shawn sniffled, Justin lifted his head off of Shawn's head of hair and paused the murmuring.
"C-can I-"
"Yes baby, you can stay in my room tonight," Justin answered his question before he could even get it out. Shawn sighed with relief and coughed as tears continued to come down. "T-thanks, and I don't wanna go to t-that other m-movie," he mumbled. Justin chuckled,
"Good because you weren't going anyways," he replied, kissing Shawn's forehead as he rocked him, squeezing the younger Canadian gently.

"Remember, it's only a movie, I'm not gonna let anything hurt you," Justin murmured, kissing Shawn's ear in the process. Shawn whimpered.
"You don't think I'm a baby?" Shawn asked in a low voice, almost a whisper.

"Of course I do. You're my baby brother who I'm holding and am tempted to spank for pushing me to do this," Justin chuckled, "but I don't think you're a baby for being scared. We are all afraid of things in life, kiddo." Justin playfully swatted Shawn's bottom on each cheek, causing him to wince but then relax into Justin's embrace.

Shawn felt relieved as he leaned closer into his big brother. He was happy that instead of making fun of him, he comforted him and let him know everything was going to be okay.

"By the way, the next time you beg me to see a scary movie I'm going to bust your butt. Got it?" Justin threatened, slightly annoyed that he's gonna have to deal with a frightened teenager for about 2 weeks but that was just gonna have to be okay.

Shawn gulped and nodded, "yes big brother," he mumbled, closing his eyes drifting off to sleep as Justin did the same thing.

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