Chapter 11

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A month later and it's July 20th. We are currently in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Brantley has a week off from touring, so we decide to drive to New Jersey so that I can see my family and Brantley can meet them all. I'm really nervous about this visit. My parents hate tattoos and they will freak when they see Brantley's. Also, he's a biker. I mean the man is sex on a stick, but even my  mom won't be willing to overlook his brass knuckle necklace and his bulky biker rings.  I remember watching Sons of Anarchy with my parents and saying how hot Jax was and my mom giving me a look like, "Hell no!" What my parents won't understand at first is that Brantley has been the first REAL man that I've dated. He truly cares for me and every decision he makes, he thinks about me first. I have never had a man put me first before anything or anyone else. They will see with time, how happy I am with Brantley.

We drove the truck from Pittsburgh which ended up being about a six hour drive. We pull in front of my house and the butterflies erupt in my stomach. I know Brantley is nervous because he always says how people judge him on his appearance first. But if I know my parents, they will be polite and will smile. My mom knows that I am a great judge of character and if I love Brantley, she will trust my judgement. That doesn't mean that she won't make her own judgements though. I also know my dad and if I'm happy, he will be happy. My dad is the quiet type that takes everything in and then will give his opinion. Well that's probably because he lived in a house with four women, so he had no choice but to just let us talk all the time. That poor man.

Ultimately, my family just wants what is best for me. Once they see what a southern gentleman Brantley is, they will be eating out of the palm of his hand. Brantley is so charming without even trying to be and my parents are from the north, so they're not used to men being smooth like that. My dad was a fast moving city boy from Philadelphia who likes to say he currupted my mom. She tells me that she didn't need his help with that. I know she's full of it because I know my daddy is the only man she's ever been with and the only man she ever will be with. I learned my morals from her and she is the reason that I have respect for myself and my body. I just know that she is going to swoon as soon as Brantley opens his mouth and gives her a "Yes ma'am". To be honest, I could listen to that man talk all day and night. That southern drawl just does it for me, big time.

"You ready baby girl?" I look over at him nervously. "As ready as I'll ever be I guess." We walk up the front steps to the front door. It opens just as I go to ring the doorbell. "Alicia! I've missed you! Don't ever go so long without seeing us again! I blame your father for you moving to the south! He always told you to move south and that we would follow. You shouldn't have taken him seriously," my mom rambles on as she squeezes me tight and kisses my cheek.

After my mom finally lets go, I get to hug my dad. "There's my girl." "Hey daddy," I say as he holds me tight and kisses my head. I back away and smile as I turn to take Brantley's hand. Mom, dad, this is Brantley. Baby, these are my parents, Linda and Brett." "Hello there Mr. and Mrs. Rotella. It's so good to finally meet y'all. Alicia talks 'bout ya all the time. She sure misses ya both," he tells them sweetly while shaking their hands and smiling. I can see my parents glance at his jewelry around his neck, his gages in his ears, his rings on his fingers, and finally to the tattoos on his arm. I'm not ashamed of my man. I love this man. I think his jewelry and his tattoos are sexy as hell. If they say one thing, I will leave and never speak to them again.

"It's so nice to meet you too Brantley. Please come in and make yourself at home. Alicia, want to give Brantley a tour? Dinner is almost ready," my mom informs me. "Sure mom. Are Joe and Alex coming to dinner too?" I ask. "Well Joe is working until late, so she's not gonna make it. Alex is probably working  because you know her loser husband just sits at home on his ass. Please, Alicia. I can't talk about it right now," she tells me tiredly. "Ok mom. Just wondering," I reply as I take Brantley's hand and walk him upstairs.

After the tour, my mom announces that dinner is ready. We talk as we eat spaghetti, sausage and meatballs with garlic bread. My dad taught me how to make garlic bread and it is still the best I've ever tasted. And my parents' meatball recipe is out of this world. I will have to make this for Brantley because he keeps going back for more food.

I tell my parents how I intend to take Brantley to the Jersey shore tomorrow, for the day. They think it's a great idea and tell us that we should relax. They ask Brantley a lot of questions about touring and his fans. Brantley has charmed the pants off them. My dad is laughing while my mom is swooning at him. I can tell she has grandbabies on the brain. Her and Mama Becky would sure get along. My mom bought cheesecake for dessert because it's both of our favorites. It was hilarious watching Brantley eat a piece off of my fork. He's used to pies, pies and more pies.

We sit on the couch and Brantley pulls me close so I'm leaning against his chest. He kisses my head and plays with my hair while still managing to hold a converstaion with my dad. Dax and Sylo are napping at our feet. They are so well behaved. Brantley and I are going to be wonderful parents.

The next day we drive to Brigantine Beach. It's a small island that is calm and has a lot of families who live there. Every summer my parents would take us there for a week because they have a Time Share. We would stay in the hotel and walk two blocks to the beach. Brantley really enjoys his small town life, so he is enjoying Brigantine. I knew he would. We spend the day swimming, lounging and tossing a football back and forth. Brantley buys me vanilla soft serve when I ask and helps me eat it too.

By the end of the week, I am sad that I will have to leave my family again, but I am also looking forward to some alone time with Brantley if you catch my drift. I just couldn't bring myself to have sex in my parents' house and neither could Brantley.

Brantley says goodbye to my parents and thanks them for letting us stay with them. He hugs and kisses my mom and does a man shake with my dad. He then takes our bags to the car, along with the dogs. "Alicia, he's the one for you," my mom tells me with certainty. "Mom, I have already figured that out. I've never had a man put me first like Brantley does. He makes me feel so special and loved," I tell her with tears in my eyes. "Well I wasn't crazy about the tattoos and jewelry that he wears, but he does treat you with respect and I know he is crazy about you and you will be taken care of like you deserve, so I like him," my dad tells me. I hug and kiss my parents goodbye and I tell them that they need to visit soon.

"They liked you a lot, baby," I tell Brantley with a big smile. "Your parents are great. Your sisters are another story," he tells me with a grimace. He got to meet my two sisters. One of them is always miserable and always has been. The other one was blinded by love and is now stuck in a marriage with a big doofus who has no job and nothing to offer her. We tried to tell her before she married him, but she didn't want to listen to us, so oh well. "Yeah, I thought you would find them interesting," I tell him with a laugh. He also got to meet my godson, Ethan. He just turned two in May and he has become such a terror. Brantley is rough and tough though so he enjoyed throwing him around and Ethan got a kick out of Brantley. I do miss seeing my godson. I used to visit him at least once a week. I need to skype more with my family, so I don't miss anything.

"Baby girl, I gotta have you soon or I'm gonna explode. You've been temptin' and teasin' me all week and you need to be punished," he tells me with a wink as his hand rubs up and down my thigh. I slide closer to him as I begin to nibble on his ear and kiss down his cheek, to his jaw, and down to his neck where I begin to bite and suck. Brantley starts groaning and his one hand is wandering all over me while the other is trying to drive.

We eventually make it back to the bus where we christen every surface. We had a lot of making up to do.

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