Chapter 2

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Tyler's POV:

They did it to me, AGAIN.

How many times am I going to fall for this!?

You'd think you could count on your friends showing up for one damn hang out session but apparently not, everyone's off screwing their significant other or going on some freaking date.

Hell, if i were them I'd probably avoid a sick guy too. Who was i kidding!? trying to get them all to come over and watch movies, they don't care about me anymore. Not since we all split up and went to college.

I've been pretty ill for a while now, my amuine system is a total joke and I can barely function in society because of it. I have a very low income government cheque that helps me pay for my bills and exist but that's literally all i do, exist. My friends have been pretty much no shows to every single night I've planned..always with the same excuses.

Sorry Tyler, I have a date that night.

Sorry dude, I can't get off work.

I've begun to hate SnoopChatz that app with the location settings that turns automatically on. Especially because I can see all of my friends hanging out together at one of their apartments without me.

I need new friends.

I'd been feeling pretty low about myself lately, any attempt at a love life had failed miserably and I was just about ready to give up completely on the whole idea of it.

With a sigh I dropped down on the couch curling my feet inside the cushions and wrapping the blanket over me, the coffee table was a messy array of snacks in multicolored bowls and the floor had been set up in such a way with mattresses and pillows that it could have housed maybe five of my friends for the night.

It was truly beyond a pity none of them showed up. Frowning i wiped my eyes and sat up a little, going through my phone to try make heads or tails of this situation. Why wouldn't they come over!? Why didn't they just tell me they didn't want to come and save me the trouble of trying to make this place decent? I sat and looked about the room, feeling a sense of loneliness I couldn't shift no matter how hard I tried to and It was far too quiet.

Give them a call.

I bit onto my lower lip, nibbling the soft pink skin between my teeth. I could call them, but what if they didn't answer? Or they were going to charge me a crazy fortune? I didn't know how these things worked.

Don't be a pussy Tyler.

I huffed and rubbed my eyes with a groan, I really needed someone to be around me right about now, just a friend to hang out with. It wasn't good to be alone feeling the way i do now in a room full of beer.

One of my 'friends' had given me this card a few weeks ago, I'm not even sure how we ended up talking about it. I'd never even consider calling a company to send me a friend for an evening, like, it just seemed kind of, well... sad.

I cant believe I'm doing this..

Reaching for my wallet I pulled out the black card with thin red lettering, the words were sharp and vivid against the abysmal background. My tongue licked over my dry lips and I swallowed, reading the card out loud.

"Timeless Company."

Taking a deep inhale i typed the number into my phone and listened to the ringing sound, which seemed to go on and on forever. The call was connected to a machine that played off a jingle, narrated over with a lucious voice.

"Thank you for calling Timeless Company, for a time you'll never forget. please stay on the line while our operators get to work with making your time worth while."

I didn't understand why my mouth went dry or why my face heated up, this was a company my friend had set me up with to pay someone to hang out with me, right? It was nothing to be ashamed of, i just needed a little company for my own mental health right now and i was desperate! Somehow though, it kinda felt weird asking for a friend..

"Good afternoon, my name is Miles how can I help you make the most out of your time today?"

My eyes widened and my small hand curled around the fluffy fuzzy blanket on my lap as I tried to get my words out, flushing red and stumbling over them "um, hi! I got your card from my friend, he said i could hire some company for the night from you?" Man, i felt so stupid just saying it.

"Why yes sir, that is correct! We can supply you with a companion for a simple base cost, if you require add ons please discuss it with them when they arrive they are more than satisfactory I can assure you. When would you like to schedule your time and would you like a male or female?"

looking up at the clock on the wall and then at the mess around my living room I couldn't help but second guess myself here. "A-as soon as possible, please..and um..male"

"Of course sir, I have someone who will be heading out to you shortly, say twenty minutes or a half hour, please give me the address you would like to meet him at"

I quickly spouted off my home address, fidgeting with my blanket and looking about the room. Maybe I should clean up the floor since nobody would be sleeping over now.

"Very good sir, I hope you enjoy your time, I'm sending you one of our very best! Enjoy your night"

I smiled into the phone, wished him a pleasant evening and hung up. The realisation that I had just paid for and invited a total stranger into my tiny apartment to hang out and watch TV had finally just sank in and I clasped a hand over my mouth "holy crap" -holy crap!- i croaked out an almost inaudible screech and got to my feet to clean as much as i could muster as fast as i could do it.

This was weird! It felt freaking WEIRD! It was one thing to be lonely but how could i think this was a good idea!? What was i thinking!!?
I then got it in my head to text Alex, my idiot asshole friend, and attempt to show off how fake brave i was to get some advice from him because he had more than likely used this service before if he had a card from them and recommend it. Slumping down onto the floor i gave myself a second to breathe before I nervously sent the first text.

Tyler-i booked a timeless company person, they're coming over in half an hour max-

Alex-what!? No way dude! I didn't think you'd ever actually call them!

Tyler-what do you mean? You gave it to me if I needed it right?

Alex-dude I gave it to you as a joke! I never expected you to be into that kind of thing!

Tyler- seriously wtf. So what do I do!?

Alex- have fun I guess? I've never used them before, just thought it was funny.

I tossed my phone aside and huffed out a groan. Well, I'd already called them over and it would be rude to just cancel. Maybe this would be a fun night and I'd make a new friend?

Fucking Alex...

No, I can't do this! It was a joke!? How do I fix it, i should call them back, I should just call them back and tell them I changed my mind!

My heart hit the fucking roof and I froze solid when I heard the knocking on my door.


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