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To: Gaige

so brotha how r u? Maddie was talkn bout u thought i hit u up

Thurs 7:39am

To: Brotha Anotha Motha

I'm living in a shit-hole of a town. Officially suspended for the first time here.

Thurs 8:46am

And presumably grounded from on the overly lipsticked frown on my step-mothers face.

To: Gaige

 took a hole week a record

Thurs 8:51am

A record Gaige supposed. What was really the record was Erin speeding ability to get to the school in under nine minutes from when the secretary called both of Gaige's parents to tell him he was suspended. They were still waiting for Brad. 

So Gaige sat in one of the awkward wooden chairs fumbling with his phone, Erin fuming next to him, Dennis Hay's slouched in a similar seat with a frown, a red watering eye, a powdered mother, and an angry army father. Perhaps Dennis and he weren't as different as Gaige thought they were.

Gaige stared down at his red, cracked knuckles. He really needed to apply lotion, all this Michigan cold wind was dying out his skin. How was he suppose to punch pompous assholes like Dennis Hays? His phone lit up with another text from Leon who Gaige knew was supposed to be art painting fucking flowers or something.

To: Gaige

how much truble from she-witch? bet she burns ur ass

Thurs 8:53am

Gaige glanced up to his side only to catch Erin staring over his shoulder at his phone screen. He wrinkled his eyebrows and turned his body and phone screen. 

To: Brotha Anotha Motha

First, she drives her like she's in the motherfucking nascar and then she reads our conversation over my shoulder. All over one punch to asshole of the week.

Thurs 8:55am

Brad rushes in the office, glancing left and right before his gaze settles on his son and his thoroughly pissed off wife. Brad runs a hand over his blonde hair, blowing out some air.

The secretary that gave Gaige his schedule a little over a week ago must know what Brad looks like, or at least is able to infer what looks Erin and Brad are sharing meant.

"I'll let Mr. Sears know everyone's here," She smiled tightly and pressed a button on the phone system to announce to the assistant principle everyone was here to witness the first downfall of Gaige Carson in Michigan. Privileged little boy Dennis was going to get off with a warning, Gaige's forced apology, and a black eye. 

Brad hurried over to the seat Erin had saved next to her, sat, before leaning over to see Gaige. His son blinked impassively, Brad opened his mouth, closed, opened, and closed failing to say anything before leaning back in his seat. Gaige leaned back in his seat too, not impressed.

Eventually, a little scrawny white-haired man came out from the hallway. Gaige lifted a single eyebrow when the secretary sat straighter, smiled and his parents sat taller in their seats like they were sucking up or something.

"Mr. and Mrs. Carlson," The vice principal nodded at Gaige's guardians who nod back, "Mr. and Mrs. Hay," a nod to Dennis' parents  who responded with their own nodded, "Let's go to my office."

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