Chapter 82

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Okay, a lot of you may know by now I was wishy washy with this story for most of the 30~70 chapters. Like I had some real bad problems in my life and that was why updates were sooooo slow. I didn’t know what I was doing, I didn’t care what I was doing. I was just writing to distract myself. And I’m sorry for the bad chapters, but writing really wasn’t something I cared about at the time.

It was just a distraction.

But over the summer, I kind of healed myself and I’m slowly getting better.

So, here are a few things I need to clean up. Basically, my first priority is the timeline.

The event of the prologue occurs during the winter of 2439. 

It is winter of 2438 now. (I need to go back and edit a bunch of shizz I know, yeah… boo). Evelyn had been in the palace for a few months.

I have some very special things planned for this story. Some I know you guys will love, some you guys will hate… cry me a river. I have too many ships to please everyone haha.

And yes, I have the ending planned, and the sequel (if I do it) planned. I want to do it, so I will most probably do it lol. And there will be a lot of tears by the last few chapters, because I cried just planning it all out last night.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

And yes, Evelyn had been having her periods…


At those moments of clarity, Zayn was determined to fulfill his empty promises and make her happy… But he was not free of his demons.

The darkness still resided within him…

“May I kiss you?” he asked, and it was a genuine question, a question in which he would await and respect the answer.

Evelyn looked shocked for a moment… Zayn never asked for permission.

Hesitantly, she nodded.

He smiled, leaned down and his lips brushed against hers gently.

It was a brief but sweet kiss.

“Let’s continue with our date.”

His mood changes quicker than the European weather.


As he sat down across from her, the soulless King watched Evelyn with an expression that was almost kind.

It was strange, seeing him looking so… gentle, and a little vulnerable… Well, as close to vulnerable as he will ever get anyway.

The Zayn before her contrasted the Zayn she had came to known during their time together.

Now, he looked more like the sad, yet curious man she met on the eve of his birthday over a year ago. That night they first met, he looked much like he did now; a powerful man with a sorrowful heart.

It seemed so long ago, and their lives were so different back then, on the stone balcony where Fate had intended the two to be.

Their encounter could have been avoided, so easily… But Fate was determined for the vindictive monster meet the angel that was Evelyn.

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