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I decided to take Isla's advice and talk to Soph. I knew I was wrong about my accusations but I really like Soph and I thought she liked Mikey. I went down the hallway and found the room that she was sleeping in. I knocked and Ava came to the door. She crossed her arms and raised her eyebrow. I laughed nervously and scratched the back of my neck.

Rye-"Have you seen Soph?"

Ava-"No. And why do you want to talk to her?"

Rye-"I need to tell her something."

Ava-"I'll let you but I don't know where she is."

Rye-"Where do you think she would be?"

Ava-"I don't know, probably in the house though."

Rye-"Ok thank you." I said all ready off to search the house.

I had looked in every room twice and I still couldn't find Soph.

Rye-"Where could she be?" I asked myself as I walked into the living room.

I sat on the couch and sighed.

Emily-"Can't find her?"

Rye-"No." I sighed.

Jack-"She couldn't have gone far. Right?"

Rye-"I hope not."

Brook-"Birmingham isn't that big!"

Mikey-"Brooklyn," "Birmingham is big." He continued emphasising the word 'is'.

Brook-"Is it?" He asked genuinely wondering.

Andy-"It's 267.8 km² and there is a population of 1,137,100, roughly, and it's the second biggest city in the UK."

Rye-"How do you know that?"

Andy-"Isla told me."

As if in cue Isla walked into the room. She looked at us all then she had a questioning look on her face.

Isla-"Where's Soph?"

Ella-"We don't know, she's not in the house."

Isla-"You mean she's just roaming the streets of Birmingham by herself?" She asked already knowing the answer.

Ava-"Yes." She said shyly, I've never considered Ava to be shy but I think she knows what was going to happen.

Isla-"What?!" She shouted. "You can't let her do that! She can be in a city she doesn't know. It's not safe, she knows nothing about the streets or where she's going. God knows where she is!" She said pacing the floor.

Rye-"We'll have to go find yer then!" I said practically leaping off the couch.

Jack-"Are you sure? We know nothing about Birmingham either."

Rye-"But Isla does."

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