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Something was wrong with Soph. She moped around the house and locked herself in her room yesterday. I don't know who to ask; if I ask Soph she won't tell me. I went through all the people in my head and finally decided on Ryan. I looked for him all round the house and I couldn't find him so I looked in the garden. I opened the door to find him with a cup of tea on his hands looking out into the distance.

Isla-"Hey." I whispered walking up to him.

Rye-"Hey." He sighed still looking out into the distance.

I stood next to him and looked at what was in front of us. The skyline was quite pretty at sunrise. It didn't look like the same city at this time. I stopped looking and tried talking to Rye.

Isla-"What's up?"


Isla-"There is. Just tell me."

Rye-"You sound just like Soph." He groaned.

Isla-"So there is something wrong?"

Rye-"Yes," he sighed. "It's Mikey and Soph."

Isla-"You do realise she fell, right?"

Rye-"Oh god. I'm so stupid."

Isla-"It's fine, just talk to her and say what you were feeling."

Rye-"It's just I-I. I feel stuff."

Isla-"And she feels stuff too. Talk to her. Please Rye."

Rye-"Ok, I will."

Isla-"Thank you." I walked back inside.

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