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I woke up and walked into the living room. I tripped over something and landed on someone.

Soph-"Ow!" I said probably waking everyone up.

"Are you ok?" A voice asked.

I looked up and it was Mikey. I said I was ok and I heard the girls come into the room. I looked around and all the boys were asleep apart from Mikey and Rye. Rye looked at me and walked into the bathroom. He didn't look happy-then I realised. I was still on top of Mikey. I said sorry to him mad got up.

When Rye came out of the bathroom I tried to talk to him but he was ignoring me.

Soph-"Rye? What's wrong?"


Soph-"There is. You don't just mumble something like that unless there's something wrong."

Rye-"Don't worry."

Soph-"But I am. Please tell me."

Rye-"If you're worrying, why don't you go ask Mikey to help you."

With that he went and sat down on the couch.

For the rest of the day we didn't speak and I wasn't taking it well. I had a panic attack in my room, I didn't tell anyone. Ella and Isla always tell me to tell them when something's wrong. Usually I do, but not always.

All night the words replayed in my head. 'If you're worrying, why don't you go ask Mikey to help you.'

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