Part 8

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" Alex we need to ta-
I stood alone, in an empty room " Alex? " I could smell her scent, she hasn't been gone long. I noticed my things were missing and so was my phone...that could mean one thing

She knew and Gray is gonna kill me.

I threw my jacket back on and ran out of the room, following the almost disappearing scent.


I walked down the street as I looked at the signs on the road, I couldn't find any bus stop and I wasn't even sure if going home would be the best option...they know where I live, they'll probably assume I went back home, that could put my family in danger

I stopped in my tracks as I saw familiar curls walking across the street, Will.
He helped me once, he'll do it again...I hope

I followed him inside the bookstore and slowly walked behind him, there weren't many people here, maybe one or two so I knew we'd be safe. He suddenly spun around, making me jump
" Jesus calm down " he stared at me, wide eyes
" what? What are you doing here?! " he whispered yelled " look I need your help " he rolled his eyes as he pushed his glasses back against the arch of his nose, I could see the stress in his eyes
" I don't know what you want me to do! I helped you escape why are you still here? " I rolled my eyes at him this time " I can't go home! They know where I live you dumbass "
" I don't know how to get to another town, I don't even know where is safe! I mean I met some dude but he bet-" wait what, what dude?" I looked at Will for a minute unsure weather to say anything

I sighed " his name was Micheal "
" he was a...rouge I think that's what he said " Will stared at me " Micheal? Was he tall? Dark hair " I nodded " he got kicked out of the pack I remember, I never found out what he did but I know it was bad "
" he made a deal with Grey that if he takes me back that he can go back to the pack " Will looked at me even more confused " what? Why would Alpha Grey want you? "

I took a deep breath " your asking to many questions " I said as I leaned against one of the book shelves " asking to many questions ? Your asking to much by wanting me to help you! "
" alright fine! "
" I'm his mate "

It took about a minute until Will began backing away " are you serious? If they know I helped you they will kill me! If he knows I was with you he'll kill me! " I grabbed onto his jacket before he could start running and pulled him back " are you telling me you agree with how your pack treats human mates? " I glared at him " n-no-" then fucking help me "

" I'm not sure if this is the best option Will " I spoke as I stared up at a large building, surrounded by hurdling students " if I miss school they'll ring my parents, you want my help? You can hide out here " I stared at him as if he just ran in front  of a truck " are you dumb or something? In a school, possibly filled with werewolf's? "
" Alex no one will care, someone asks? Just say your new, Jesus Christ . If you are a human mate of Alpha  Grey, no one will even know you exist "

We entered the halls and Will was right, no one payed any attention to us, I got a few weird looks maybe that's about it, but I was wearing joggers and an oversized shirt so I expected it

As the bell rang everyone rushed off, including Will. I stood inside the library looking around, there were barely any people in here, so I guess that's good news.
I found a book to read and took a seat on one of the tables, within a minute I lost focus. Wasn't surprised, I had picked up a book about physics...

I looked around and noticed a girl, something caught my eye...she looked extremely familiar and it was throwing me off, she suddenly turned to me and my eyes widened " sorry...I was just admiring your necklace " I smiled at her as my eyes landed on the only piece of jewellery on her
She smiled slightly " thank you,  it's my sisters..." I noticed her tone change as she looked off " oh I'm sorry, I didn't mea-" no no it's fine I'm surprised you don't already know " I looked at her confused

" my sister is Alice Cooper, she went missing three years ago, the rile of the town " I looked at her shocked
I'd hate to say it but I had forgotten about her, I looked at the girl and could see Alice staring straight back at me " I'm new so  " I smiled slightly unsure of what to say
" it's nice to meet you, I'm Emily " she smiled
" where did you move from? "
" oh-Um...New York "

She picked up her books and suddenly moved towards me, oh no...
" really? I've always wanted to go there, what's it like? " good going Alex! I've never even been there what am I supposed to say?
" well not very nice if I moved here " I chuckled and she smiled " what classes have you got? " I looked at her, she was asking way to many questions for my liking...
" I've actually lost my schedule, and I asked for a new one....but the printer was broke so they asked me to wait here "

Emily laughed and carried on talking about the school, I guess this was better than sitting by myself in here until Will decided to show. One thing is, I couldn't get Alice out of my mind, why do I have the horrid feeling of guilt? Cause if I left her...I didn't go back to save her....but then again, how could I?


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