NINE - Power Rangers

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December 22, Saturday

Today I woke up at three in the morning to the sound of our cabin breaking apart. Well, figuratively, not literally, but still. The wind was blowing a gale and the trees were switching back and forth and branches were snapping off them and sailing sideways through the air. It was nuts. It's STILL nuts, and, we have no power. It went out sometime in the middle of the night, and now it's four o'clock in the afternoon and its still out.

How's this for a little rural living, eh, son? That's what my dad said. He spent two hours splitting wood and kindling, and then he brought in buckets of water, filled from our rain barrel outside so we could flush the toilet, and then we both stuck candles into old beer bottles and put them all over the cabin. There are twelve burning in total.

I forgot to charge my phone last night, so I've been offline all day, so I haven't been able to check my old friend, Ryan's Instagram feed, or see if Cassandra Hunt (she was the hottest girl at my old school), has posted any more shots of her in her bikini on her Christmas vacation in Maui. 

Misty came over to see how we were getting on, and lent us a battery-operated Coleman lamp, and then Norm came over with a cast iron frying pan full of Italian sausages, and we set them on the wood stove to cook. Dad and Misty chopped up a bunch of Yukon Gold potatoes, and then wrapped them in tin foil with garlic and butter, and we put those on the wood stove, too. After an hour, we had a pretty awesome candlelight feast, and after Misty went and got her guitar and played a bunch of old 70s songs. When she played Elton John's, Candle in the Wind, my dad got this faraway look in his eye, and then excused himself to go and take everyone's dirty dishes to the kitchen counter. It seemed like he was gone longer than it should take someone to scrape a few plates and put them in the sink. That's when I remembered that he and my mom went to an Elton John concert when they first started dating. I guess hearing that song stung a little. I was grateful that the next song that Misty played after that was a really cheesy one called Wildfire that got Norm and my dad laughing so hard that Norm knocked over one of the beer bottle candles and wax splashed all across the floor.

Then something kind of cool happened. I went outside to get a couple more logs for the wood stove, and Misty followed me out and asked me if I'd made any friends, and I told her about Lincoln and then she said there is a new girl here on the island —the daughter of the new vet who has just moved here from a neighbouring island—and that she couldn't remember her name but thought she was named after a plant or a herb or something, and that she was fourteen, too. I guess Misty is just trying to be nice, and I hope she's right, because if this girl has a "red" name, like Scarlet, then I'll just keep hanging out with Lincoln.

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