EIGHT - Jimmy Stewart vs the Pagan

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December 21st, Friday

Dad and I went to a Solstice party at Misty and Norm's house tonight. A solstice party is an event held for people who think Christmas is a pile of crap. There was no cheesy Christmas music, or felted Santas on windowsills, or advent calendars pinned to the wall. But there was a big cauldron thing full of mulled wine and some harp music playing and at one point, Dad proudly brought in a piece of yew wood for Misty's fire and she squealed and hugged him and said that yew was sacred and did he know that, and my dad blushed and said, oh, it was nothing.

Misty was wearing this floaty blue dress thing, low cut, of course, and I'm pretty sure she wasn't wearing a bra. Not that I minded. I don't think my dad minded, either.

Norm was wearing a shirt with two missing buttons, and a pair of black sweatpants. I don't know if he is a pagan, like Misty, because after a while he went into the den and started watching It's a Wonderful Life and when he came out for a beer his eyes were all red like he'd been crying a little bit. As I recall, that movie is quite emotional.

After a while, we all ate this butternut squash pizza that had a cauliflower crust. I know it sounds heinous, but it was actually really good. I had four slices. It would have been even better with bacon on it, but still. It wasn't bad.

When we got home, Dad slapped me on the shoulder and said, our first Christmas in our new home, son. Just you and me, and then he hugged me, which was really weird because my dad is not really one for hugging. Then again, maybe it was just the mulled wine.

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