chapter 2

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3rd person p.o.v

It has been one day sense pidge was captured by the galra. Everyone on the team has been worried sick about her but shiro was the worst, he wouldn't talk to anyone or eat and sleep.

Pidge p.o.v

I wake up in a dark room with the slightest hint of purple light in it, it was cold so so cold. The last thing I could remember was blacking out after being shot. I can't move due to the restraints on my wrist and ankles and every time I would try to break free the cuffs would electrocute me making the injuries I already had even worse.

After a few hours a gaurd walks in and says "Haggar would like to see you" my response is "I don't give a shit about what she wants." For that I got kicked in the stomach letting a small whimper escape my mouth. Soon after that the guard walks over to me and starts dragging me down the halls full of other prisoners. I see a couple look at me in pitty others gasped "do I really look the bad right now" I thought to myself, thinking like that made me smile god I haven't done that in a while. We reach the end of the hall and I'm brought into something that looks like an interogation room. I'm strapped down to a metal table, then I see her haggar  the first thought that came to mind was "what a bitch." She walks up to me and says "I am going to ask you a few questions. And if you don't answer them properly you will pay the price" then I said (without thinking) "I will never ever tell you anything" and she was right I did pay the price...  just then a guard threw a knife at me and it hit me in the palm of my hand. And she continued with the interrogation.

Allura p.o.v
(3 days after pidge was captured)

I was in the lounge with the rest of the team trying to come up with a plan. That's when it happened haggars face appeared on the screen before us and a broken, hurt pidge in the back ground I heard Shiro mumble "omg Katie". Then haggars jagged voice filled the air...

Shiro's p.o.v

I listened as haggar said "my dear paladins. I believe I have something you want..." At that moment lance snapped back "she's not something she's somone!" She responds with a huge smirk on her face "Ah ah ah, bad atitued has consiquense" Then it happened haggar took hold of a galra controll panel and a scream filled the air "AHHHHHHHH" it was pidge's. The rest of the team gasped and hunk cried with lance I just yelled "KATIE"

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