Chapter 10: Red One

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shining child

-ghouls have 4 kinds of shining child but one can't have possession of all four unless you have the genes of the first king or queen
-a shining child is a ghoul's predatory organ that functions as a weapon or claws but only original ones can possess this (our kind is considered as an original)
- it activates the first time you most need it, your inner self can send a signal to your ghoul nerves then after that, you'd be able to use it whenever and it would be easy to control it since it's like your arms, you think what it does
- ghouls healing ability is high and quick but delayed when the wound's caused by this
- when this is activated, you'd be stronger and it would depend on your ghoul hormones and cells how strong your shining child would be
- a ghoul's required to possess a shining child when in battle but for fake ghouls (lol), they're required to have at least something that relates to a predatory organ (i'll write this too)
- lastly, although powerful, your shining child use too much of your stamina sooo better train well

4 types of shining child

1. shining tail - comes out from the coccyx. It is good for medium-distance attacks and has decent offense, defense and speed. They have no distinct strengths and weaknesses. It's a great match for one with shining scales since it's better at durability and speed but that depends on the ghoul of course.

2. shining feather - comes out from the shoulder part, lightweight and can deliver quick attacks. This is suited both for short-distance and long-distance attacks but ghouls with this shining child lack endurance.

3. shining shell - comes out below the shoulder blade and is metallic. It is heavy and vigorous. This shining child is the greatest at being substantial and is perfect for defense. It's ordinarily shaped into armors or shields but on the offense, it can be shaped like melee weapons.  Due to the weight, a shining shell's speed is inferior to all other and is hard to flaunt.

4. shining scales - come out from the back part aligned with the waist and look like tentacles but they're organs. There should be 4 of this but it depends on the ghoul if all would be summoned. This has powerful regenerative abilities and is best at brute strength but also very brittle. This is exceptional on offense but not really great on defense.

Jinwoo stopped reading and turned to the snickering Jeongin. Her head is already aching from all the information that she has to stop for a moment. The younger gave her a pile of papers that aren't even stapled as one. It makes her feel even more obligated to read each one that he had written.

"I'm surprised your hand didn't fall off," Jinwoo commented, putting down the papers on her lap but still holding them with her hand.

"I love writing. It makes me feel like I'm in school," Jeongin said, smiling at the thought but it eventually fell of as he realized what he said. Fantasizing. How pitiful.

His noona sighed and patted his back with her free hand. She is empathetic. She knows his feelings too well since they were also hers. She wanted to study well so that her mother– who might not even be her mother, would be proud of her in heaven or wherever she is now.

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