Chapter 12

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(Brendons POV)

I had forced Dallon to go to school today. I understood that he didn't want me to be alone but I refuse to be influencing him into making it a habit. It does become a habit. Wow I sound like a mom right now. School sucks. Laying in bed is much more nice, or spending time with your best friend, is much more nice than listening to teachers drone on and on about stupid shit. I basically sat on the couch most of the day, but tried to walk around more often so my body didn't get used to that. I have to go back to school soon. God that's gonna be rough.

I couldn't lie, it was really boring without Dallon here. Like super. Yesterday was really fun and we haven't had a day like that in what felt like such a long time. I missed him so much. I hate seeing him mad or upset. So when he came home early, tears rolling down his face, I immediately wanted to make sure he was okay. "Dallon." I say stopping him from walking up the stairs. "Wh-what?" He asks and I gesture for him to come over. He hesitated but eventually did, and sat besides me. I noticed how his body was shaking, and I assumed he was trying to hold back his tears and that's what was causing it. His eyes were bloodshot, tears spilling down his pale, flushed cheeks.

"Dal." I say and he sniffles, rubbing harshly at his eyes. I grab his wrists, and bring his hands away from his eyes slowly. "It's okay to cry okay? It's okay." I say and he pulls me in for a hug, which I immediately accept. I wrap my arms around him tightly, and place my hand on the back of his head, my other rubbing his back as he sobbed into my shoulder. "It's okay, Dal. It's alright." I say softly, and he just sobbed into my shoulder. After probably 6 minutes he finally calmed down, and we sat there silently for a few minutes as he sniffled and hiccuped from crying so much. My heart aches seeing him like this. I could hear a slight drizzle hitting the windows and Dallon hugs me tighter.

"Wanna talk about it?" I ask and he pulls away, and I rub my thumbs over his cheeks, wiping away the stray tears. He just stared at me for a for minutes and I continued to rub his back. He's too pretty to cry. He shouldn't cry. Even though I know that it's something uncontrollable. I just really hate seeing him sad. "R-Ryan and I got in a fight.. a-and he broke up with me." Dallon says and my heart drops to my stomach. What?!

(Dallons POV)

I didn't wanna go to school without Brendon. He made it so much more enjoyable. Yet he wasn't having it when I said I was staying home again so here I am. "I miss Brendon. I wanna have another movie night." I state as Ryan, Frank and I walked into the cafeteria. The rest of the guys were already there. We sat down and I noticed Ryan looked a bit pissed off. Maybe it's school work or something I won't push it. "Same it's not the same without him here. It's fun, but not as fun. He makes our group complete." Frank agrees and I nod. "He's better, so he'll definitely be here next Monday." I state. "Hell yeah!" Pete says. I chuckle softly and glance at Ryan. Hes awfully quiet.

I frown slightly and go to hold Ryan's hand but he quickly jerks away from me, and hurt fills my chest almost immediately. "What's wrong?" I ask him and he glares at me. "Nothing." He mumbles. "Is it me? I'm really sorry if I did something." I state and he shakes his head, a bitter smile on his face. "I'm fine." He says and Tyler coughs. "Please tell me." I plead and he turns to me. "All you do is talk about Brendon. If you're so in love with him still, leave me goddamnit." Ryan says and I was taken back. What the fuck? "Wait what where'd all this come from?" I ask. "You only got with me because you wanted to make him jealous. I'm not dumb. And then, I, I actually love you, and now all you care about is him. So go be with him." He says and tears glaze my eyes as I stare at him confused.

Okay at first I did get with him to get over Brendon but I do like him. I think. Is he right? Fuck. "Ryan.." I say and he slams his hands on the table accusing me to flinch and he stands up. "We're d-done here, Dallon." He says and tears ran down my face, and I hurriedly wipe at them. "Ry, don't.." I say and he shakes his head, tears glazing his own eyes. "We can still be friends, sure. But from this point on, we aren't together." He says and walks away. That hurt.

I can feel people staring at me, and Tyler stands up, and gently grabs my arm. "Let's go." He says softly and leads me out of the cafeteria. "Hey, hey it's okay Dal." He says and that's when the tears really started. "I.. why do-does this.. always fucking ha..happen." I say leaning up against the wall. "He shouldn't have did that I. Front of everyone, bud. I'm so sorry, Dal." Tyler says pulling me into a hug, which I immediately accept. "I-if I go home can..can you cover for me?" I ask and he pulls away. "Let's sign you out instead okay? I don't want you to get in trouble." Tyler explains and I nod as he leads me to the office.

Once I'm signed out I immediately hurried into the parking lot, and sat in my car for a few just sobbing until I pulled myself together enough to be able to drive. Home to someone I know genuinely cares for me. At least I think he does. I was questioning everything at that moment.

(Brendon's POV)

I felt so bad. He got broken up with because of me."Dal I'm so sorry." I say and he shrugs. "You're my best friend I should be able to talk about you without people getting mad over it.. right?" He asks while rubbing at his eyes. I nod in agreement, but guilt still gnawed at me. Dallon looked exhausted. His eyes were still bloodshot and puffy. "How about you go take a nap? You need it. I'll make dinner tonight." I say and he nods. "I wanna help so if I'm not up wake me up." He says and I nod. "Okay. Sleep well." I say and I expected him to go upstairs but he wrapped his arms around my torso. "Hm?" I ask softly. "Lay down, let me lay with you." He says and I chuckle. "We can lay down but how about we go upstairs instead of sleeping on the couch?" I suggest and he leans into me a bit and I take that as a no, and I lay on my back.

He rests his head on my chest and sniffles. "You'll never leave me right Brenny?" He asks and I run my fingers through his hair. "No, never. Never in a million years Dally. You're stuck with me." I say and he hums softly. "Mm, good." Dallon mumbles, and yawns. "Go to bed, Dal. I'll be here when you wake up." I say softly and he looks at me. "Promise?" He asks and I smile at him. "Promise." I say and he nods, let's his eyes flutter shut. Once his breathing evened out, and I was sure he was asleep, I detangled my fingers through his hair, wrapping an arm around him protectively. I broke his heart and than the person he went to to fix it, broke it again.

I press a soft kiss to the top of his head and he stirs a bit, but stayed asleep. His cheeks were flushed red from crying, tear stains still clearly visible. "You deserve so much better, Dal. I wish you knew that." I say softly careful not to wake him. "You deserve the world. You love with your whole heart and you deserve the same returned." I say. "I love you." I mumble and he stirs again, moving closer up, pressing his face into my neck. I kept my arms around him, pressing a kiss to his shoulder. I turn my head, resting it on top of his softly and I too, drifted off into a semi peaceful sleep in hopes that when I wake up, Dal will feel a bit better. I really don't like seeing him sad or upset, it makes me feel cloudy with a slight drizzle.

Authors Note


This one was short (like me lmao) and I'm sorry bout it I feel like that was a good way to end this chapter so I didn't drag it out

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I'm happy bout it snow is pretty but others aren't rip

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