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The knob on the front door twisted and a foot kicked the door wide open. It slammed against the wall and started back towards closing, but Ayden stepped in and smiled like a child who had just gotten a puppy. I don't think Ayden liked puppies though.

He was carrying a stereo. "Look what I found, Angel! Someone just left this! I finally get music!" He carried the big music box and set it on the floor next to the outlet off to the left wall.

"Did you steal that?" I was disappointed in Ayden. But, I knew he was far from changing at the moment. I'd only been working with him for almost two months. Change never happened that fast with a man like Ayden.

He rolled his eyes. "No, someone left it outside. They were asking for someone to take it."

"Was it on the property?" I crossed my arms. I had to teach this boy about how ownership worked.

He scoffed and messed with the buttons. "You don't leave a stereo on your porch if you plan to keep it. It's just common sense." He shrugged.

"Ayden, I th-" I was interrupted by the speakers of the stereo blasting throughout the apartment building. I covered my ears before this human invention broke my spiritual hearing abilities.

Ayden turned it down and laughed it off like the volume never phased him. "We know it works." He smiled big, looking at me. It was strange seeing him smile like this, but I also had to wonder if it was a good smile. He stole something to smile like that.

I got shivers up my nonexistent spine. "Do you think this is good for you? You stole someone's property. How can you be happy about that?" I could never begin to understand his logic, especially knowing that his family life wasn't the cause.

Speaking of which, I was still going to get him and his parents back on good terms if they ever were there once. I cared about fixing his whole life.

He stood up and looked at me, making it known how much taller he was. "I can do whatever I want. I am happy doing what I want."

"I thought you said you didn't do anything that was against the law. You keep showing me you do a lot of things against the law. You have me here because you broke the law and nearly lost your own life."

"Oh, wow, I lied. I would've assumed you would expect lies from a man who steals and enjoys making bad decisions." He lifted his eyebrows.

I cleared my throat and didn't retort back. There was now use to arguing with him. It would be pointless, and nobody won a pointless argument.

He walked back over to the stereo and switched it to a station he knew he would like. "This is what I'm talking about!" He turned it up louder, not really caring about any of the neighbors in the apartment building he shared with them.

It was far from my taste. I had liked the older and calmer music. Ayden would definitely have thought I was from the fifties if he had heard the music I listened to. That was if he hadn't find out I died recently.

He bobbed his head to the music and seemed to forget I was here. I didn't mind. I wanted him to be himself so I could really observe his traits and habits best.

I left his apartment and walked to a phone. I grabbed it, trying to remember the numbers. I had to tell them. I was going to patch up this relationship with his parents even if it killed me. Although, I was already dead. That meant it would be a task of mine forever until I succeeded, and I would have to eventually, unless he died, too. He would someday, but I was trying to prolong his life and give him something to live for. I was trying to save him from going to hell.

I pushed the right buttons in the right order and heard the other end start ringing. Someone on the other end picked up. "Hello?"

I cleared my throat, pretending to be the therapist again. Ayden assumed I was one anyway. "Yes, Hello, is this Mr. and Mrs. Dyer?"

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