SIX - Just Lincoln

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December 19th – Wednesday

It turns out that Lincoln's house is only about five minutes away from our cabin, so we ended up walking home together after school. When we got to the general store, Lincoln said, you want to hang at my house? And I said, yeah, sure, okay.

And I guess I had a perfectly okay time. I mean, we had cans of Dr. Pepper and made popcorn and Lincoln showed me this new video game he just got called Hellpoint and I didn't completely suck at it—I only got killed three times, which, Lincoln tells me, is pretty good for a beginner.

His sister, Beatrice, seemed nice enough, although I did see her pick her nose at one point when she didn't know anyone was looking. Not that I don't sometimes pick mine, but I think I would be extra discreet about such things if there were guests in my house.

Other than that, nothing very interesting to report. Lincoln is okay, but I don't think we really have much in common. Still, it's nice to have someone to talk to, and I appreciated his company today.

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