16. Nick

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As much as Nick tried to resist—and he did, he really did—the sight of Bailey leaning toward him, mouth ready and waiting, was too much to handle.

The most unbelievable part of all of this was that she wanted him. It's something he's always fantasized about, but never thought in a million years would actually happen.

No matter how many ways he's imagined this going, though, it never could have prepared him for the sensation that shoots through him at contact. Her lips are soft and her tongue is slick and smooth as it glides into his mouth.

He brings his free hand to her cheek, needing to touch her. She moans softly and runs her hand through his hair. It sends chills through him, making him shiver. God, I'm such a pussy. We're just kissing.

But it doesn't matter what he tells himself, he has never had this physical or mental reaction to a kiss before. Her mouth might as well have been touching every inch of his body, because that was what it felt like.

Bailey rolls her body to lie on top of him, legs straddling each side of him, and he is instantly ready—despite the dull pain from his broken rib. Instinctively, he digs his fingers into her hips and pulls her down onto him, creating the friction that he desperately needs. The motion causes another moan to escape Bailey's mouth, and the sound is most definitely the best thing he's ever heard.

She continues to pulse her hips onto him, and he can feel her spine flexing and extending under his palm as he glides his hands under her shirt. Her skin is smooth and soft under his calloused hands. He wants to touch every inch of her.

She breaks the kiss to move her mouth to his jaw and then his neck, gently sucking and biting. She finds a spot behind his ear that causes his back to arch, bringing them even closer.

"Oh my God, Nick..." she whispers between kisses. His name coming out of her mouth catches his attention. If she calls him anything, it's either Robinson or asshole, never "Nick."

Those thoughts bring him back to reality.

With every ounce of his willpower, Nick removes his hands from her back to gently guide her shoulders off of his. Her mouth lingers the longest, making a smacking sound on his neck as the suction is broken.

"I'm sorry," she says. She brings her mouth back down to his, but he turns his head away. She rests her forehead on his temple.

"I shouldn't have spoken. It just slipped out. I won't say anything else," she pleads.

She's practically begging him to kiss her, and he's actually saying no? What parallel universe is this?

"No, it's not that, really," he says gently, steering her onto the floor at his side. "This just can't happen. I'm sorry, Bailey."

"Do...do you not want me?" She asks hesitantly.

She's got to be kidding. He turns toward her and cups a hand along her jaw, trailing his thumb along her cheekbone. "I want you so fucking bad, Bailey. But I just...can't. I owe so much to your parents, and your brother. This just feels like a betrayal."

She sighs, and he hopes this is a sign of her acceptance. He doesn't know if he'd be able to stay strong much longer.

She looks into his eyes. "Can I just lie with you then? Please? I swear I won't try anything."

He reluctantly nods. She might not try anything, but he can't promise that he won't. He can't bare to turn her away, though.

She rests her head in the crook of his shoulder, lying half on him and half on the floor, making his side ache once again—it's worth it. He wraps his arm around her, and she lays her hand on his chest.

This is how they fall asleep, the sounds of the their breathing intermingling in the dark bedroom.

When the morning sun hits Nick's face, he realizes the dull ache in his side has become a stabbing pain—probably from Bailey lying on him. Not that he would trade holding her through the night for anything.

He tilts his head down toward her face. She's still sleeping and has long strands of her blonde hair covering half her face. He pushes them back behind her ear and takes a moment to stare at her undisturbed.

She typically is wearing makeup when he sees her, but he much prefers her like this. Her pale skin looks almost luminescent in the sunlight, and she has a slight smile splayed across her lips. Nick wonders what she's dreaming about. Although her eyes are closed, he knows they are the deepest shade of blue but look green in certain lights. Right now, she has a single freckle just below her chin, but in the summer, the bridge of her nose is sprinkled with them.

He knows she looks down at her hands when she's nervous and giggles when she's uncomfortable. Although she's worked as a lifeguard every summer since she was sixteen, she's never had to save someone and is terrified that she wouldn't be able to. He knows her favorite meal is a hamburger and fries, but she only orders it when she's not with her cheerleading friends. He knows her skin turns the perfect the shade of pink when she's angry—

Damn, he really is a pathetic idiot.

He has all these details of her memorized, and yet she's never given him the time of day—which he knows is his own fault. But now she seems like she actually does want him, against all odds, and he's turning her away.

But what is he supposed to do? Ian has made it clear that he wants Nick to stay away. And how would her parents react? They invite him into their home, and he takes advantage of their daughter? He would never do that, but that would be what they thought. Why would their perfect, beautiful, kind, funny and talented daughter want him? A homeless, poor, practically an orphan, fuck-up who just got suspended from school for pulling a stupid prank? It just wouldn't make sense.

He needs to get out of here, this is all too much.

"Bailey, hey, Bailey..." he whispers.

Her smile fades, and she begins to blink a few times before opening her eyes to him.

"You should probably get back in your bed. Ian could come back any minute."

She nods, rubbing the sleep from her eyes before standing up. Nick follows. He doesn't know what to say, and by the way she's looking at her hands, he knows she doesn't either. What do you say after a night like that? After a kiss like that? Especially when you know there will never be another one...

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