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The air grew colder as night fell, darkness beginning to surround my warmth. I pulled the cloak tighter, mentally thanking Felix for having lent it to me in the first place.

Neverland was not as it first was when I arrived. Lili was now Pan's equal partner in crime. She lost, and I only had myself to blame.

I walked back to my cabin but stopped as I saw a white snowflake pass before my eyes. There was no such thing as snow in Neverland, yet here we were. I placed my palm flat out, catching a snowflake. "Where did you come from?"

I looked up into the black sky, seeing as millions of snowflakes began to flow down freely. They almost looked like little delicate creatures trying to make a soft and happy arrival as if trying not to anger the island itself.

"Snow on Neverland. That's definitely new. I guess your sister was right. This is a new Neverland now," Felix said behind me.

I turned to look at him, watching him stare at the white, fragile frozen designs of water. "Why is this happening?" I asked him.

"I would like to say it's because of the balance of Neverland being shifted. With two rulers and two shadows inhabiting Skull Rock, which is basically the heart of Neverland, the island has to adjust somehow. I expect more changes to come." He looked at me and stepped closer. "Let's get you back to your cabin. We will need to keep warm or die trying."

I followed him to my cabin a few feet away. I opened the door but stopped and turned back to him. "I won't let this happen. I am going to have to find a way to get my sister back and change Pan along with her. But I can't do it alone. I will need your help." I looked at him, hopeful that he would maybe work with me again.

He gave me a small nod. "Consider me your ally for this mission. We will restore Neverland if it's the last thing we do."

I closed the door and looked around my cabin. I took off the hood of my cloak and put my dagger on the dresser. I still had memories every night of Lili and I sleeping in this room. Now she slept in Pan's room.

I got in the bed and pulled the cloak closed as much as I could get it. I had to keep out the cold air somehow.

I still hated Pan with a passion, and even more so as he had taken my own sister from me. Together, they were destroying Neverland.

I scowled at the thought of his existence, wanting nothing more than to take him out completely. He was a scoundrel. He was the scum from the bottom of my shoe.

I gripped the handle of my dagger, just wishing to slice his head clean off. I wanted to watch the blood seep out of his neck, going everywhere until nothing was left. I wanted to watch him suffer.

He deserved nothing more than misery and pain, and I was destined to give it to him. I wanted him to feel the wrath of my fury for what he had done to Lili. Pan was going to fear me, for my hatred of him fueled my determination.

I laid down on the mattress, feeling it sink in with my body. I at least knew it had some cushion to it. I wasn't too sure how we were going to save Neverland but we would do it somehow. I had to make sure Lili would come back to me.

I fell back into a peaceful sleep, forgetting all my troubles of today.


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