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Zion and Nick had both
decided to hit up the club that
had opened recently

Upon entering, both boys
shout in excitement as they
make their way to the bar

"Shots shots!" They shout
as they down the shots

Nick slams the shot glass
on the table before getting
distracted by two beautiful
dark skin women who walked

"I'll catch you later homie"
he says as he begins to
jog in attempt
to catch up with the

Having Nick left him
Zion made his way to the
dance floor

He occasionally danced
with a few women on the
dance floor but he mostly
danced by himself

Well that was until he got
a tap on his back

Thinking it was Nick, Zion
turns around and is greeted
with a face he'd be happy
never to see again

"It really is you!" his ex girlfriend
Octavia shrieks as she pulls
him into a hug

Pushing her off him, he rolls
his eyes at her

"What man? I was dancing" he
says clearly irritated at the sight
of his ex girlfriend

"You never answer my calls
anymore zion, I want you back"
she pouts jumping up and down

This caused Zion to laugh loudly
as he took in what she was saying

Octavia cheated him and then
broke up with him because
she wasn't feeling the vibe
and now when he's getting more
famous, she wants to come
back into his life

"Well i don't want you so, bye"
he says as he tries to walk away
but she grabs him and clings onto

Gracie was watching all of
this take place from afar

She too has arrived to the club
with her friend who seemed
to disappear with a man

Deciding that she should probably
help out the poor guy
who seemed
very uncomfortable

She stood up, pulled down her dress
Which hitched a little up whilst
she was sitting and made her
way towards them

Once she reaches them, she clears
her throat and places her hand
on the boy who was very
good looking

"Baby where did you go?" she
says pouting, Zion raises an eyebrow
at her before deciding to play along

He smirks at Gracie before
walking behind her and snaking
his arms around her waist
and burying his head in the
crook of her neck

"Uh Zion who's this?" Octavia
asks giving Gracie a dirty look

"I'm his girlfriend that's who" Gracie
strikes back smirking smugly
at Octavia who turned around
and stomped away huffing and

"Damn baby, where have you been
all my life?" Zion mutters going
close to her ear

"She's gone bro" Gracie
laughed as Zion laughed
releasing his arms and walking
Around her so that he was now facing

"So you my girlfriend now right?" He
chuckles jokingly which causes
Gracie to laugh

"I was tryna help a brother out, she looks
like a pain in the ass" she says laughing

"Don't even get me started man" Zion
says rolling his eyes and laughing

"Anyways, I think I deserve
you buying me a drink after saving
you from that girl" she winks

"I think you do too" Zion says
before the two make their way
to the bar

"I think you do too" Zion says before the two make their way to the bar

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