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Everything was going perfectly on what Geoff had realized was a double date

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Everything was going perfectly on what Geoff had realized was a double date. Except really, it wasn't at all. Travis' friend was actually his roommate Zakk, who was incredibly attractive but also incredibly interested in Travis. Geoff was dumb but he wasn't a complete fucking idiot. That was Awsten's job, ignoring every flirty comment that came out of Zakk's mouth towards Travis. He did just as good of a job ignoring them as Travis did, probably just chalking it up to both of his friends being flirtatious. Geoff knew something was in the air the moment he heard a silent soundtrack that Awsten didn't have the right headphones to listen to.

Geoff had pulled out his phone almost immediately when the two of them sat down, shooting Awsten a dirty look when the purple haired boy questioned why he had texted them. Zakk snorted at Awsten's foolish question and questioned how he had lived that long without knowing basic texting etiquette. Even Travis knew that when someone else texted you while you were in the same room, you were supposed to keep the message to yourself.

"So Geoff." Zakk had peeled his eyes off of Travis for a moment, giving the gamer an ounce of his attention. His typically dark eyes appeared more hazel in the sun. They had requested a table outside so Zakk, who Awsten described as a juul addict, could juul in peace. "What do you do?" Zakk racked a hand through his long black hair, pushing it out of his face. He really should've put it in a man-bun, it was nearly the perfect length.

"Uh." It was a good question, even if it was a customary one. What was Geoff doing? Well right now, he was supposed to be helping Awsten find his soulmate so he wouldn't have to die again and as lovely as Zakk was, he was preventing him from doing that. "I'm a barista right now at this coffee shop." He wanted to avoid mentioning Common Grounds at all costs but it seemed like it was out of his control at this point. He was positive that talking about the coffee shop would have Awsten's mind wander to the same person his did. "Not like a Starbucks or anything. It's like a hole in the wall almost but we usually have a steady stream of customers so I guess it's not so bad."

"Common Grounds?" Travis was asking more out of courteousness than out of curiosity. He already knew the answer. Common Grounds was the only cafe in Houston that matched the description. There wasn't a shortage of Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts in the city, causing almost all of the smaller shops to shut down. Common Grounds had still kept itself afloat from numerous food bloggers posting about them. In a way, it was almost a hot spot. Travis was just positive that there wasn't anyone stupid enough to come to Houston just for the sake of coffee.

"How does everybody know about this place?" Geoff asked with a hint of shock to his voice. Between him and Ciara both knowing almost immediately, he was totally confused. Did he have the shop logo tattooed somewhere across his face that he didn't know about? He knew that the place was popular but perhaps he doubted the extent of it. Turns out that word of mouth was still the best form of advertising.

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