Beauty and the Beast

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Malia's Outfit ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Malia's P

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Malia's Outfit ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Malia's P.O.V

I was at the park with Zuri and Jessie there was a beauty pageant and no i'm not joing some stupid pageant but Zuri wants to me and Zuri ran up to Jessie

"Jessie! They're having a beauty pageant! IG Apple " Zuri said happily

"Could  Zuri be in it?" I asked i asked her as Jessie looked at us

"Malia Zuri Beauty pageants are sexist and demeaning to women" Jessie said as i raised my eyebrow

"How many did you lose?" I asked her as she looked at me

"Three now go play" Jessie said thought so me and Zuri ran off

"Hey Malia i bet you can't put a bucket on your head" Sam said as i smriked evily making my glow

"Challenge accepted!" I said as i put the bucket on my head

"See it works now give me my 20 bucks" i said as Sam gave Zuri my 20
And walked off i tried to take off the bucket but it was stuck

"Uh Oh my head is stuck! Why do i keep accepting these challenges?" I asked as i heard Zuri

"Just use your magic" Zuri said as i looked where her voice was

"I can't read the book and if i can't read the book i can't do the spell come on let's go see Jessie" i said as we walked off

"I'm stuck in a bucket i'm stuck in a bucket" i yelled running around like chicken little when he told everyone the sky was falling

"That's the third time this week Malia you got to stop accepting these challenges" Jessie said as she tried to take off the bucket

"Ow ow ow!" I yelled struggling a bit

"Alright. Let's go home and butter up your head again then after words then afterwards we are going to start pratctcing" Jessie said as i was confused

"For what?" Zuri asked

"You two are going to be entered in the little miss big apple beauty pageant" Jessie said

"What no! I hate beauty pagents!" I yelled annoyed Zuri was happy

"Really?" Zuri asked happily

"Mmm-Hmm" Jessie said as i rolled my eyes

"Gee, you get your head stuck in a bucket for two minutes and you miss so much!" I said sarcastically as i walked off i then felt someone spin me around must of gone the wrong way

Them song:
Oh oh oh Oh oh oh
Hey Jessie Hey Jessie
It feels like a party everyday
Hey Jessie Hey Jessie
But they keep on pulling me
Every which way hey Jessie
Hey Jessie but they took a chance
On the new girl in town
And i don't want them down
Down down hey Jessie
It feels like a party everyday
Hey hey hey Jessie!

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