A lot is happening

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I worked many nights, but after many sleepless nights, in the end I managed to build something wonderful, my opus magnum.

The Amp

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The Amp. When I channeling my powers into this device, they become several times stronger. For example, when I use electric power, I will be able, with an normal strike, hit someone with thousands of volts of energy! Amp is a metal, thanks to this, all I need to do is hold him, and touching me will lead enemy to (probably) lethal shock. So I thought about defense too.

When I was cleaning my workstation, I heard someone walking towards me. It was Asia. It was a very late, so I was surprised that she wasn't sleeping yet.

F/N: Hey Asia, why you don't sleep.

Asia: I woke up through some noise ... What are you doing here?

F/N: Oh, this is my little 'project'.Finally I managed to build it.

Asia started to watch Amp.

Asia: It looks like... a big stun gun...

F/N: It's supposed to be like that. Let's go to sleep, it's very late... Tomorrow I'll show this the rest of the group...

I looked at the clock which indicated 4 am.

F/N: ...or today.

I went back to cleaning when Asia hugged and embraced me.

F/N: Eh... Asia?

Asia: ... Come with me... Come to sleep with me...

F/N: Asia, you are tired, go to sleep.

I tried to push Asia away, but she only hugged me more tightly.

Asia: Please... Why are you moving away from us...

I stood still. I did not want to tell her the truth. Such an innocent and good soul, like her, couldn't stand it.

Asia: Why are you moving away from me? Is it because I am a devil?

F/N: No, that's not why...

Asia: So why?

Asia was already crying. I couldn't stand it.

F/N: Okay, I'll tell you...

We went to my room which was now occupied by Asia and we sat on the bed.

F/N: Do you remember how I talked about how I gained my powers and what happened to me then?

Asia: Y-Yes...

F/N: So, not only I was locked up there.I don't know how many conduits there were, maybe hundreds, maybe thousands. And everyone is locked up like animals.

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