Chapter 3❤❤

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Andre's POV😒

"Yo she really fucking dumb bro"My nigga justin said laughing mad hard.

"She wasn't giving me no pussy so I had to get it somewhere else"I said dead ass serious.

"You a fuckin playa my nigga"Justin said knuging me in the arm.

"Well nigga I gots to go,one of my hoes is calling me"Justin said going from 0-100.

"Ard bro"I said shaking his hand.

As I walked away I heard him screaming.

"You dumb ass tresh wait till I get home"Justin yelled.

I turnt around to see a car pull up slowly.The window lowered and a guy pulled a glock out.

"Justin move"I screamed as justin looked at me then turned around.

He finally realized the situation and tried to dip but it was to late.

The window rolled back up and the car drove of.I ran over to justin and started shaking him, as a gesture to see if he was still alive.

No response I sat next to him and started crying real nigga tears.

5 minutes later the police came and started asking me all types of questions.Ion fuck wit ops so I got in my car and drove home.

When I opened the door I seen carmen still laying on the couch.

°Wtf is this bitch still doing here°I thought to myself.

I walked over and started slapping her on the thigh.She woke up with a confused look on her face.

"Hey daddy"She said trying give me a kiss but I dodged that shit.

"I heard what happened im so sorry baby I can make you feel better tho"She said rubbing on my chest.

Her hands started to lower to my pants.She unzipered my pants and pulled my dick out.She started sucking on my tip.I tried to push her down father but she kept gagging.

I pulled it out her mouth slapped her face.I put her on her back,her pussy loose from being ran through.But I still put it in and started fucking the shit out of her.

I pulled out and spread my kids all over her face.I grabbed her by her hair threw her on the couch and gathered her clothes.

"Get the fuck out'I yelled as I threw her clothes on her.

She quickly put her clothes on and left.

I sat on the couch and turnt the game on.

To be continued......

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