Our Secret// FP x Maria ~ Requested

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Request sent in by @mariahoee1
"Could I get an imagine with FP? Me and him meet at Pops and we began to talk more & we hide our relationship from everyone & one day I find out I'm pregnant
Betty and Archie find out and that they tell me that I should end it before someone gets hurt but I can't because I'm pregnant with FPs baby and I'm scared to tell FP especially after he found out about Mustang turning on the serpents (he's really pissed but I end up telling him)"
- hope you enjoy :)

The bell above the door of the Chock'lit Shoppe rang as a figure entered. She glanced around before finding an empty table.
"You know, places like these are a lot nicer when you have someone to sit with," a tall handsome figure said.
"I'm not alone, erm actually my friends should be here soon" she smiled politely, slightly intimidated by the mysterious man. A message lit up her screen and her smile altered.
"And let me guess, they just cancelled," he spoke again, raising his eyebrows.
"Something like that," she sighed.
"Let me sit."
"Name's FP by the way" He genuinely smiled.
"FP?" She giggles before realising he was serious. Pulling herself together she replied back.
"I'm Maria, nice to meet you."

Hours passed by, the two made quite the connection. "Come back with me, meet the others? I won't let anything happen to you" he offered, rising from his seat.
"Okay, cool" she followed suit.
The pair walked out of Pops side by side before he tossed her a helmet. A smirk played on her lips before sliding it over her head and climbing on behind him. Her short arms snakes around his waist. "Hold on tight."

The dark haired serpent lead the younger girl to the Whyte Wyrm were all the other serpents lurked.

Weeks flew by in a flash, recently Maria had been sleeping over in his trailer along side him. Yes, they had done it a few times but she was on the pill. So I guess it wasn't too bad.
The only struggle was her friends; Archie Andrews and Betty Cooper. Keeping their relationship a secret was hard to say the least. But she knew it's what she had to do.

*Time skip*

"Class dismissed" the teacher announced, pulling Maria back to reality, away from her consuming thoughts.
"Are you okay?" The blonde teen approached the startled girl.
"I'm fine." She plastered on a fake smile.
They knew better than to believe Maria in this instance. Both Betty and Archie had noticed that recently Maria hadn't been herself. Her friends were becoming suspicious. Because not only was the secret affecting her, but her friends too.

"Is this really a good idea?" The ginger haired boy questioned the girl next door.
"Something is going on Arch, Something she isn't telling us. We are her friends, she should be able to trust us. Look we need to find out so we can help her" Betty told him as they began to find their way to Maria.

Maria sat in her bathroom. Tears brimmed her eyes. 'This can't be happening' She repeated over and over in her head. They had always been so careful. The pill failed. Maria was pregnant. She wiped away a tear that escaped her glassy eyes. Her flushed cheek now soaked. She couldn't hold them back any longer as a river of tears flooded out. Her phone beeped in her pocket.
'Come meet me? I miss you x'

Once calming her shaking self, she grabbed her bag and left the house. Maria couldn't tell him. Not yet. Not tonight.

"She's leaving." Betty informed Archie, who let out a sigh. "If it really was serious I'm sure she would have told us. She probably has a good reason why she hasn't said anything to us about whatever this is. Let's just get it over with."

When Maria reached Sunnyside Trailer Park, in the middle stood the serpent she fell in love with. He brought her into a hug before pulling away and planted a kiss upon her tinted pink lips.
Archie's eyes widened and Betty covered her mouth in shock. The two looked at each other speechless. Neither of them knowing what to say or do next. This was her secret.

It was break the following day at school, where Maia was found in the student lounge by her pals Archie Andrews and Betty Cooper.
"Betty, Archie, what's up?" She questioned as they sat down beside her silently. Betty broke the silence "We know" she stated. Archie nudged his friend for being so blunt.
"About what?" Maria questioned knowing full well that her secret she had been keeping for so long was out. "About you and FP Jones, look even though you two may really like each other, I know this isn't what you want to be hearing, but you need to end things before someone gets hurt." Archie eased.
"To late for that" Maria mumbled under hear breathe.

To say that Maria was scared to tell FP about their baby would be an understatement. She was terrified. Especially as FP had just found out that former serpent; Mustang, had betrayed him. But she knew she had to tell him sooner or later.

Yet again she found herself outside FPs trailer in the dead of night. Her small hands knocked gently against the door of his home.
"Maria? What are you doing here?" He rubbed his eyes.
"I need to talk to you" She let out, shakily. FPs heart sank. He knew it was serious.

"You're telling me that I'm going to be a father? Again? To another child?" FP asked still in shock. She slowly nodded her head.

They needed each other more than ever, for her sake, for his, and for their unborn child.
Possibility for part 2?
Also if anyone has any other requests that they would like me to do, just message me and I'll see what I can do x

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