Softball and Short Shorts

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 A/N Hi guys!! Another shorty chapter!! SORRY!!! But leave your thoughts and comments below!! :D I just realized that I just used a LOT of !! marks. I put !! because I was too lazy to write exclimation. Oh well.  (Creepy smile) BYE!!


  "Let's walk home today!" I said to Allie as I came up behind her. Fifth period had just let out. WE GET TO GO HOME!! Yay.

   "I can't. I've got ball practice until five." She said. "Oh yeah.... then I guess I'll just have to wait for you." I said.  "Okay, well, I've got to go get changed." She said. "Can you text my mom from my phone and tell her she doesn't need to pick me up today?" She asked. I nodded and she handed me her phone.

Allie: You don't need to pick me up today, Ive walking with a friend.

Her Mom: Okay, Cat. Just have fun!! AND USE PROTECTION IF ITS A BOY!! Haha just kidding. About the protection thing. Because you don't need to be having sex. But not the fun thing. Just not too much fun... haha... Seriously.

   I slid her phone shut. Suddenly, a thought dawned on me. Softball players wear short shorts to practice in. REALLY short shorts....

   Allie came out of the locker room with her bag and my jaw dropped. "Javan? Jaaaavvaaaaaann.... hello??" I heard her say. But I couldn't focus. She was wearing a form fitting...... curve hugging..... AH!! Tanktop. Stop it Javan. Also, sliding shorts and shorts.... that were really short.

  "JAVAN!!" I heard, then felt a slap on the back of my head. Ow. Then suddenly I realized..

    "SORRY!! I wan't trying to... I didn't mean to... SORRY!!" I couldn't stop saying. She just laughed. I looked at her and realized..

   "Aren't you going to take your makeup off for practice?" I asked her. "What are you talking about? I wasn't wearing any makeup today." She said. "Holy crap you're beautiful!" I said before I could stop myself. Her cheeks got rosy red. "Um.... uh.. erm... er.... thanks." She said at last. I love to see her blush.

    "Okay, enough... let's go. Coach makes me run extra for ever minute I'm late." She said, then we started toward the field. We had to go past the football players practicing, and Allie grabbed a huge zip- up jacket that came down to her knees out of her bag. Then she put it on.

   "What are you going? It's almost 97 degrees out here!" I said. "Um.. I'll take it off in a few minutes." She said, in a strange voice. I noticed that she took it off as soon as we passed the football players. But I didn't say anything.

   We got there just in time. I walked in behind her, and I heard Coach Causey yelling at her.

   "Allie!! You have one minute to spare, where have you b-" I walked into view and heard him stop. His eyes travled between Allie, me, and back. Then they turned to slits. "Get in the duggout, Cox."  He said. He turned in my direction, and I felt poison darts fly into me. I recoiled, and he turned around.

   "Alright ladies! Give me FOUR poles today instead of two! " He barked at them. I watched as one by one they filed out of the duggout, complaining. They jogged down the third base line, all the way to the back fence, where they all tagged a white pole. Then they sprinted to the OTHER white pole, which was all the way on the other side of the field, down the first base line. They did this in about seven minutes, which was pretty impressive. But I guess Coach didn't think so, because be yelled "Two more ladies! You were too slow!"

   I could see this was going to be a long practice.

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